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NetSCOPE Partnership Network

NetSCOPE is proud to partner with nine South Carolina school districts and multiple community partners.  Their collaboration and commitment to student success is the project's foundation.


Winthrop University

Nationally recognized for its quality and value, Winthrop is a learning community that embodies the characteristics essential to being one of the best universities of its kind: a carefully selected student body of high academic achievement and cultural diversity; a national caliber curriculum of the arts, sciences and professions; a residential educational experience emphasizing personal identity and close relationships; and values that emphasize deep learning, quality teaching and engaged public service.  Winthrop students have the opportunity to develop their individual capacities to become leaders in their professions and communities through a variety of highly personalized, engaging and progressively developmental academic and co-curricular programs predicated on national standards of excellence. The Winthrop Experience is one that prepares students to live, learn and lead for a lifetime.


The Richard W. Riley College of Education at Winthrop University is dedicated to the highest ideals of teaching, scholarship, and service.  The College meets this mission through the preparation of professionals who are committed to the betterment of society through a lifelong quest for excellence in learning, leadership, stewardship and the communication of ideas.  Heralded for a long history of high quality teacher preparation, the College of Education will provide leadership for the NetSCOPE grant in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts.


Recipient Districts

Five surrounding districts are the recipients of NetSCOPE funding to support student academic achievement through recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and educational leaders.


Cherokee County School District is located in the rolling foothills of western South Carolina.  With a mission to ensure all students have the skills necessary to succeed as responsible citizens, Cherokee Schools are meeting today's challenges through creative programming and community involvement.


Chester County School District provides challenging and supportive environments for children to develop into lifelong learners.  A long time partner with Winthrop University, Chester School District is committed to educating, recruiting, and retaining high quality teachers.


The School District of Fairfield County prides itself on creating excellence by example.  Located in Winnsboro, SC near Lake Wateree, Fairfield County Schools provide diverse learning experiences to meet the needs of today's students and their families.


Lancaster County School District is characterized by words such as enlighten, engage, and empower.  Through collaborative initiatives such as team teaching and positive action programming, Lancaster is leading an example for what it means to put children first.


The School District of Union County sits in the heart of the Piedmont of South Carolina.  With a mission to maximize student achievement of state and national standards, Union County Schools are building a traditional of excellence through safe, disciplined, and supportive education.


Resource Districts

Four adjoining school districts did not meet eligibility requirements for funding, but are pivotal in serving as resources for other districts, teacher candidates, and potential school leaders.


Clover School District is committed to reaching each child, everyday.  Bordered by North Carolina and Lake Wylie, Clover schools are characterized by a rural setting with global values and initiatives.


Fort Mill Schools believe children are the most valuable resources in our society. Fostering creativity through a challenging and innovative environment is the goal of teachers from kindergarten through twelfth grade.


Rock Hill School District provides students an environment in which they can learn, grow, connect, and thrive.  The largest of our district partners, Rock Hill Schools promote shared vision and beliefs through a nurturing environment and by designing quality work.


York School District One inspires success by sparking student potential.  Viewing students as individuals and maintaining high expectations has made York Schools successful in reaching diverse needs.


Olde English Consortium

The Olde English Consortium (OEC) is an educational collaborative seeking to promote excellence in education through collaboration.  Serving the nine grant districts, the consortium supports over 70,000 students and 7,000 educators by facilitating communication, networking, and professional development opportunities.


Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement

The purpose of the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement (CERRA) is to provide leadership in identifying, attracting, placing and retaining well-qualified individuals for the teaching profession in South Carolina. In doing so, CERRA will respond to changing needs for teachers from underrepresented populations, in critical subject fields and in under-served geographical areas. CERRA is a leader in effective mentoring and induction practices.


South Carolina Association of School Administrators

An alliance of diverse school leaders, the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA) advocates for superior education for the citizens of the state through legislative and policy influence, fostering support, building coalitions, and ensuring a cadre of effective leaders for schools.


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