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Host/Mentor Criteria and Selection Process

Mentor selection is guided by Key Element 3 of the South Carolina Mentoring and Induction Guidelines that includes minimum requirements and advanced competencies. These criteria are measured through self-assessment, colleague and administrator observation and recommendations, and an interview. Please contact the school liaison or NetSCOPE's Mentoring and Induction Specialist (Ms. Lisa Hudson-Lucas) for more information on the three mentoring levels.



Process for Host Teacher Selection (Host teachers support early field experiences during the freshman, sophomore, and junior years)

  1. Interested school faculty member communicates interest with principal.  Principal supports faculty member moving forward with application process or advises against participation.

  2. Faculty member submits application online.  

  3. Faculty member contacts principal about completing the recommendation form online.

  4. NetSCOPE Professional Learning Coordinator communicates with School Liaison and Winthrop Director of the Office of Field and Clinical Experiences to notify Host Teacher and assign Winthrop Teacher Education students for early field experiences.


Process for Mentor Teacher Selection (support teacher candidates in the senior year-long internship)

  1. Building Administrators, School Liaison, and Winthrop Liaison (others might include district mentoring coordinator, NetSCOPE Professional Learning Coordinator, Winthrop content faculty, etc.) meet with interested school faculty to discuss the role of teacher mentors to pre-service and beginning teachers.  Discussion topics should include expectations, criteria for selection, and motivation (intrinsic and extrinsic).

  2. Interested school faculty member communicates interest with principal.  Principal supports faculty member moving forward with application process or advises against participation.

  3. Faculty member submits application online.

  4. Faculty member contacts principal or school liaison about completing the recommendation form online.

  5. School and Winthrop representatives conduct interview with applicant to ensure commitment and to assess interpersonal skills (sample interview questions).

  6. Liaisons communicate with NetSCOPE Professional Learning Coordinator to submit applicant materials to district Human Resources office, if appropriate.

  7. Professional Learning Coordinator communicates with Winthrop Director of the Office of Field and Clinical Experiences and District Mentor Coordinator to identify and assign mentors.

Process for Clinical Coach Nomination

Mentor teachers are critical to the success of pre-service and beginning teacher development. With expertise in coaching and adult learning, mentors guide novice educators to becoming high quality classroom teachers and leaders in the teaching profession.  The Clinical Coach is a mentor teacher who is nominated and selected to foster not only the development of future educators, but of other mentor teachers as well.  Through engagement with the Winthrop University teacher preparation program, Clinical Coaches provide input in and feedback on curriculum processes (with a special focus on field and clinical experiences), future mentor training, dissemination of best practices, and co-teaching initiatives. A Clinical Coach is a classroom teacher who continues to mentor teacher candidates while extending support to others in the Partnership Network. Specifically, Clinical Coach responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commit to serve for two years as a Clinical Coach in the Partnership Network

  • Engage with Winthrop University teacher candidates at all levels

  • Assume a leadership role in mentor teacher development

  • Serve as a model for working with adult learners

  • Present at conferences, institutes, and other forums to disseminate mentoring best practices

  • Collaborate with school liaisons (if applicable) to engage teacher candidates in the school community

  • Participate in teacher preparation curriculum review and admissions processes

Being a Clinical Coach should require little, if any, time away from the classroom. In actuality, the classroom is the best environment for a Clinical Coach to model co-planning/teaching, observations conferences, reflective conversations, and more. Using video technology, the expertise of Clinical Coaches can be captured and shared throughout the Partnership Network.

Becoming a Clinical Coach begins through a nomination process. Nominations are completed online and can be submitted by district or school administrators, colleagues, university faculty, or teacher candidates.  All nominations must be submitted online (pdf forms are available as reference or to use as a rough draft if needed). Nominees should be aware of the nomination, meet the established requirements, and agree to serve as a Clinical Coach, if selected.

Requirements for being a Clinical Coach:

  1. Completion of the 3-day Foundations in Mentoring training and at least one advanced mentor training (i.e. Coaching and                Observation, Analysis of Student Work, Cognitive Coaching, etc.);

  2. At least two years of mentoring experience with interns and/or new teachers; and

  3. Documented leadership at local, regional, state or national meetings or conferences (e.g., acting as grade or department chair, facilitating school- or district-level professional development, presenting at Partnership Network Conference, etc.).

Quick Links to Online Forms

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Principal Host Teacher Recommendation Form

Mentor Teacher Application

Principal/School Liaison Mentor Teacher Recommendation Form

Clincial Coach Nomination Form

Sample Interview Questions

Classroom Observation Form for Mentor Teachers



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