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Mentor Teacher Awards

From Internship to Beginning Teacher, much of the guidance and support of novice teaching comes from mentors.  Mentor teachers spend countless hours and tireless efforts sharing their knowledge, strategies, and wisdom with teacher candidates in preparation for work as professional educators. Mentor teachers are respected by their colleagues for their expertise, commitment to professional growth, and disposition to help all students learn.  They know the importance of building relationships with mentees, colleagues, and students in order to promote positive growth. We are fortunate to have many exceptional mentor teachers partnering with the university!

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 award winners!

Super Supportive: This award is given to the mentor teacher who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and devotion to the growth and development of the teacher candidate.  Beyond the expected requirements, the mentor tailors support to the individual needs of each candidate, celebrates intern strengths, and helps to develop goals for growth. This mentor teacher is involved in the teaching and learning of the teacher candidate, provides quality feedback, and views his/her role with a positive attitude.

Christa Sullivan, Indian Land Middle pictured with Cierra Mortoccia Winthrop Intern; read nomination letter

Rhonda Hollingsworth, Monarch Elementary  pictured with Kelsey Grizzle, Winthrop Intern; read nomination letter














Effective Communicator: This award is given to the mentor teacher who has exceeded the expectations to engage the teacher candidate, fellow teachers, and university faculty in professional conversations. The mentor uses effective communication to develop a sense of community within the classroom and school environment and is diligent, ethical, and thorough in his/her work. Welcoming the candidate into the classroom, the mentor teacher respects the new colleague and exemplifies the importance of communication with the candidate and the university supervisor. 


Adrian Deese, South Middle, pictured with Christian Walker, Winthrop Intern; read  nomination letter

Jennifer Gaston, Chester Park School of Inquiry, pictured with Sue Spencer, Winthrop Faculty in Residence; read nomination letter















Receptive to Innovation: This award is given to the mentor teacher who has encouraged the teacher candidate to incorporate his/her knowledge, interests, and skills in designing innovative instruction. The mentor teacher supports the candidate teaching from the heart and requires the use of various strategies to engage learners. Providing the candidate with meaningful learning opportunities, the mentor encourages risk-taking in the instructional process. Despite the level of success of the innovative method or technique, the mentor teacher listens with an open mind to the candidate's ideas and supports ideas for improvement.


Beth Csiszer, Hunter Street Elementary, pictured with Amber Marion, Winthrop Intern; read nomination letter
















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