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University and School Research Interests


Faculty Member Contact Site Topics of Interest Additional Information
Judy Britt Winthrop  - Strategies to improve writing (elementary level)
 - Content area reading (elementary social studies)
Diana Durbin Winthrop  - Active student engagement
 - Integrating literacy in content areas
 - Early childhood assessment/authentic assessment
willing to serve as project team member
Jennifer Etheridge Winthrop  - Students in poverty
 - Effective leadership
 - Behaviors/perceptions of leadership
willing to serve as project team member or assist with literature review
Caroline Everington Winthrop  - Inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities in Gen Ed  
 - Students with disabilities and the criminal justice system
Shawna Helf Winthrop  - Beginning reading skills/early intervention
 - Students at-risk for failure in reading
 - Tiered models of instruction/differentiated instruction
willing to serve as project team member
Lee Johnson Winthrop  - Connection between University mathematics and internship
 - Response to Intervention
 - Teacher leadership
Lisa Johnson Winthrop  - Mentoring and induction
 - Teacher leadership
Deb Leach Winthrop  - Including students with disabilities in Gen Ed
 - Autism spectrum disorders
 - Positive behavioral supports
 - Differentiated instruction
willing to serve as project team member
Barbara Mallory Winthrop  - Instructional leadership
 - School climate
Mary Martin Winthrop  - Examining rigor and student work
 - Mentoring new administrators
 - Teacher leadership
willing to serve as project team member or as a resource
Kavin Ming Winthrop  - Strategies to improve reading
 - Effective strategies for older struggling readers
Mark Mitchell Winthrop  - Child protection and safety
 - Bullying
willing to serve as project team member
Linda Pickett Winthrop - Elementary science education
- Active student engagement
- Creating a positive classroom learning environment
- Mentoring and induction
willing to serve as a project team member
Nakia Pope Winthrop  - High School to college transition
 - Arts in education  
 - Global education
Tanisha Powell Winthrop  - Assessment in PreK half-day programs willing to serve as project team member
Dave Vawter Winthrop  - Content reading in social studies (secondary level)  
Linda Winter Winthrop  - Behavior management  


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