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Aarons, Katherine R. Charleston Mount Pleasant SC
Abohemad, Mohammed S. Outside US Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA
Abraham, Matthew D. Greenville Simpsonville SC
Abuhemid, Khaled A. Outside US Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA
Accomando, Mary E. Outside Carolinas Beverly MA
Acton, Katie L. Lexington Lexington SC
Adams, AnnaBeth Lancaster Lancaster SC
Adams, Briana N. Aiken North Augusta SC
Adams, George E. York York SC
Adams, Lacy M. Outside Carolinas Saint Petersburg FL
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Number of Records = 900

Disclaimer: In some cases, the city listed for a student’s residence may not match the county. This is typically due to a student’s family moving or a student changing permanent residence to Rock Hill. Please call the Office of University Relations at 803/323-2236 if you have further questions. Thank you.