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Global Learning Initiative

Professional Development Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients Archive    

The Global Learning Initiative Curriculum Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the Global Learning Initiative Professional Development Grants for the 2012-13 academic year:





Travel to present at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Sao Paolo, Brazil. January 2013 Laura Dougherty January 2013 $500
Hosting fee for two webinars entitled “Today’s Chinese Student” (Parts II and III) and audio tapes for all three parts of this series. Angie Edwards Fall 2012- Spring 2013 $415
Support Art Education students with an elementary school service learning project. Funds support travel and materials.

Laura Gardner

Fall 2012 $300
Support trip to Costa Rica with BIOL 323 students

Matthew Heard

Fall 2012 $500
Support travel to Europe to investigate and negotiate study abroad opportunities for Mass Communication students

Bonnye Stuart

Fall 2012 $500
Support travel and material costs for the Ethnomusicology and  American Anthropological Association conferences Sarah Quick November 2012 $200
Travel to present at Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies in Panama and research curriculum development in Mexico City Gregory Crider March 6-10, 2013 $1000
Support travel to Veritas University, Costa Rica, to investigate and negotiate study abroad opportunities for Environmental Studies students. Marsha Bollinger March 10-15, 2013 $500
Purchase documentaries “The Gate of Heavely Peace” and “Small Happiness” to support HIST 113, HIST 334, and PLSC 205 Catherine Chia-Lan Chang Spring 2013 $465
Support travel to Nicaragua for further development of the Rocha Nicaragua Project Ginger Williams May 6-20, 2013 $410
Funding of international certification in traditional Irish instruments. Connie Hale   $500
Purchase texts to develop a course titled “Post-Soviet Democratization: Central Europe: “ which will include a study abroad component. Scott Huffman Spring 2013 $202.65
Support travel to 8th International Conference on Language Teacher Education. Elizabeth Evans May 30 - June 1, 2013 $1000
Support field research in Asia to examine Chinese women's engagement in the social network from the imperial to modern times. Catherine Chia-Lan Chang May - July, 2013 $1000
Support attending the Global Challenges Preconference Workshop at the American Democracy Project national meeting. Ellin McDonough June 2013 $259
Support travel to Portugal to review and evaluate courses at Faculdadce de Belas Artes for possible Study Abroad opportunities. Phil Moody July 10-18, 2013 $500
Purchase of JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance DVDs and books for use in MUST 307 Ronald Keith Parks   $923
Registration cost for the 3rd World Education  Congress in Mechelen, Belgium Marilyn Sarow July 3-5, 2013 $400
Support travel to "Segregation, Immigration, and Educational Inequality"  conference at the University of Ghet Stephen Smith September 2013 $1000

Average grant award: $557

The GLI  Curriculum Committee thanks all the members of the Winthrop community who applied for GLI Professional Development Grants and congratulates those who received funding. We appreciate your support of the Global Learning Initiative.