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Global Learning Initiative

How can I, as a faculty member, get involved in the GLI?

In many ways, including

Curricular Activities:
  • Share your experiences

  • Add Global Learning Components to your Touchstone Program Course(s)

  • Participate in Teaching and Learning Center sessions and workshops

  • Teach ACAD 101 and HMXP 102 (if trained)

  • Suggest HMXP 102 Readings and/or Common Book Titles

  • Develop a short term study abroad course

Co-curricular Activities
  • Develop Global Engagement Experiences

  • Sponsor a Global Learning Cultural Event

  • Encourage students to study abroad

  • Encourage students with international experiences to become Global Peer Mentors (annually in January)

  • Serve on one of the five committees involved with GLI implementation

  • Sponsoring Global Learning Cultural Events;