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Global Learning Initiative


Welcome to the website of Winthrop University’s Quality Enhancement Plan, the Global Learning Initiative! On this site you will find both summary and detailed information on one of the most exciting, useful, and timely education initiatives undertaken by the University.

Globalization has become such a major force in our local, regional, and national culture; consequently, we have instituted our Global Learning Initiative to ensure that our students are successful as citizens and professionals of the greater world. Today’s students will likely work with international colleagues, conduct business with/within international organizations, live in areas with immigrant populations, and possibly hold a job that requires travel outside the U.S. at some point in their careers.

By enhancing global education for our students with the full support and participation of the University’s faculty, staff, and administrators, we intend for Winthrop to become a school of distinction for preparing our students to be educated and involved global citizens, to understand their place in global society and their responsibilities to human society at large, and to take great joy at celebrating the very rich cultures of their communities, their states, their regions, their nations, and their world.