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How to Complete A Work Request . . .

Facilities Management provides the following services for the University: electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, heating/air conditioning, custodial, grounds keeping, recycling, safety, electronic security systems, event set-ups, moving furniture, elevator maintenance. Any requests you have concerning telephones, network connections, pagers or cable TV service should be directed to Telecommunications rather than to Facilities Management. Any requests regarding computers should be directed to Information Technology. Work Requests can also be submitted for interior design work for the Facilities Design and Development Department. Please indicate on the request that it is for design work or color changes. 

Procedure to request work from Facilities Management:

To fill out a work request:           

    Go to Facilities Management home page.

    Click on Work Request Page.

    Click on Log a Work Request from the Work Request Page.

    Building location: Pull down menu. Scroll to building in which work is requested and click to select. Click Next.

    Work request screen (to move from one field to the next, either Tab or mouse-click):

    Enter entire e-mail address, including  If not entered correctly, you will not receive an automatic response giving you the work request number.

   Requester name: Your name

   Repair center:  No entry required. Go on to next field.

  Account: Provide information here only if you are to be charged for the service (e.g., recore)

    Phone number: Provide number of person to call if there is a question about the request.

  Location: No entry required, the default is Winthrop University.

  Building: No additional entry required if you selected a building on the Building location screen.

     Floor #: This really means room number. There is a pull down menu. If at all possible, please identify the room number as the room number drives the entire computerized system. If you cannot specify a room number, select Entire Building-General and be specific about location in the description of the work requested.

  Department: Enter your department name

  Tag #: This is primarily for Facilities Management use for equipment identification. You may leave blank at this time.

   Description: Type in your request, being as specific as possible. The field is large enough to accommodate most work requests.

   Click on submit.

    Shortly after submitting your request, you will receive an automatic response with a work request number.

After the request has been reviewed in the Facilities Management Office, you will receive a second response that will tell you either that the work order has been accepted and a work order number assigned or the response may indicate that the request was denied along with a reason for the denial.

Some new additional features of the on-line work request system are now available from the work request home screen. You can check on the status of your work request by clicking on the work order query block and enter your work request number. You must enter the work order number completely in order to search (ie:WR-20008600). Don't forget the "WR-" part. You can also look at all work orders completed in a particular building, all open work orders for a particular building, reports including buildings, areas, inventory and others. There are also links to other sites that pertain to Winthrop University and Facilities Management. When looking at open or closed work orders your can also click on the blue WO number and details of the work order will appear.

Notes/Tips on requesting work from Facilities Management:

        If there is an emergency, call Facilities Management Operations at 2489, then follow with a confirming electronic work request.

Examples of what is considered an emergency:

      Loss of electrical power

      Commode overflowing

      Elevator malfunctioning

      Alarm sounding

      Sight or smell of smoke

      Water flowing where it shouldnt be

      Key wont open lock

      Window broken

      Unless your request is an emergency, calling or e-mailing any individual in Facilities Management will only slow the response time rather than expedite.

        If you do not receive confirmation of your work order within 24 hours, there may have been an error in transmission meaning your work request was not received. If you do not receive a timely confirmation, call Facilities Management to verify receipt of your request. If not received, you may be asked to send it again.

        You may send an electronic work request at any time, 24 hours a day. For phone calls, the Facilities Management Operations Office is open 7:30 to 4:30 Monday-Friday. When the office is not staffed, you may leave a Voice Mail message. Any Voice Mail messages left after 5:00 pm will be picked up at 8:30 the following morning. If the request cannot wait until the following morning, call Winthrop Public Safety at 3333.


How do I handle Set-Ups, Moves, & Surplus Property?

Due to the large number of requests and the need for scheduling our limited resources, we need to have as much lead time as possible in order to meet the needs of the campus community. From now on, please use the Work Request software on the Facilities Management web site to request moves, set ups, and removal of surplus property. For a set up, please use the Winthrop Space request form available at  Winthrop University's Space Use Policy If a set up diagram  is necessary, please fax a diagram to 323-4295 after use of the space has been granted - please be specific. For surplus property, do the Work Request asking that surplus items be picked up, then fax a list of the items to 323-4869. Telephone and e-mail requests do not work very well because the set up supervisor might be out sick, on vacation, or otherwise unable to respond to the request. All requests sent via the web site are forwarded immediately to appropriate personnel. This ensures fast, efficient handling of all your requests. .

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please call me at ext. 6362 or E-Mail me at hodgdonc.

Chris Hodgdon Materials Services Manager


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