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Recycling Process . . .

  • By keeping recyclables out of the trash, we reduce the cost of waste removal, decrease the rate at which our community landfills are filling up, and clean up air, earth, and water by reducing the added pollution that results from refinement of virgin materials. Recycling does make a difference.

  • The key to success in the WECARE recycling program is our community. Students, faculty, staff, and guests decide whether or not to recycle. Recycling benefits everyone in our community with a cleaner environment, a more attractive campus, an economic advantage for the university, and a brighter future for all.

  • Recycling containers are located in all academic building and residence halls to facilitate the disposal of emptied plastic containers, aluminum cans, mixed office paper, newspaper and magazines.  These recycling containers are conveniently located in recycling centers throughout the various buildings on campus.  Shredded paper shoudl be kept separated from mixed office paper and placed in a clear bag. 

  • There are six cardboard recycling dumpsters on camps.  They are located near Dinkins, McBryde, Thomson, Margaret Nance, Facilities Management, and the Coliseum.  All cardboard boxes must be flattened before being placed in dumpster.

  • Office occupants using the blue, 14 quart recycling containers are requested to empty recyclables collected into the appropriate recycling containers located in the centralized recycling centers. (All recycling is collected in clear liners.  Waste is collected in black liners.)

  • Recycling collection would not be successful without the team effort by the custodial staff, grounds crew, and set up.  Custodial collects the recyclables from the building recycling centers and stages the recycling in a common area outside the building.  Residence halls are collected on Fridays; academic buildings are collected on Monday.  From here, the grounds crew collects the material and stages at Facilities Management.  Winthrop has partnered with York County to process recyclables. 

  • Special pick ups are recommended when large quantities of recyclables during cleanout of offices and other spaces.   These pick ups may arranged through the Facilities Management Work Request web page.

  • The City of Rock Hill empties the cardboard dumpsters on a weekly basis.  Therefore it is imperative not to park in front of the cardboard dumpsters or any trash receptacle.  

To ask specific questions about Winthrop's recycling program, please contact  Chris Johnson at 323-2389.



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