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These are the expected goals for all students taking CRTW 201:

  • To demonstrate that the complex process of critical thinking is a part of all we do and that the process relies on such skills as observing, listening, reading, and writing.

  • To use writing, reading, speaking, and critical thinking to foster intellectual growth in an academic environment.

  • To recognize critical thinking and problem solving strategies in different academic disciplines and for different audiences.

  • To evaluate arguments, evidence, and the contexts in which they appear.

  • To prepare for writing by carefully analyzing evidence.

  •  To plan, organize, and develop essays based on introspection, general observation, deliberation, research, and the critical reading of mature prose texts drawn from varied disciplines.

  • To recognize individual writing voices and learn how those voices can be adapted to fit different audiences and rhetorical situations.

  • To revise effectively by completely rethinking, restructuring, and rewriting essays.

  • To demonstrate improved oral communication skills in class discussions and small group activities.


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