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"Q" for question Where do I go to get information on core writing classes?
"A" for answer Just click on the Course Descriptions link.
"Q" for question What about AP or IB credit?
"A" for answer Students with AP or IB credit may be able to receive credit for WRIT 101 and ENGL 200, depending on your score on the AP or IB exam.  If you have questions about your placement in a freshman composition course, contact Dr. Robert Prickett, acting chair, 239 Bancroft, 323-4627; click here to send him an e-mail message.
Where do I go to get my books?
Books can be obtained from The Bookworm, located 2020 Alumni Drive, DiGiorgio Campus Center, 803-323-3800.
In what order do I take my classes?
The following sequence must be followed: WRIT 101, GNED102, and CRTW 201.
Why didn't the writing classes I took at another university transfer to Winthrop?
For students prior to the 2004-2005 catalog, Writing 102 would sometimes not transfer because it did not match Winthrop’s course.  For example, at some schools, English 102 or Writing 102 is a literature-based course; at Winthrop, it was an argument course.

Beginning with the 2004-2005 catalog, a new sequence of courses was introduced as part of the common experience for students: Writing 101, HMXP 102, and CRTW 201.  While it is possible that students still may receive transfer or AP credit for Writing 101, no transfer equivalents currently exist for HMXP 102 or CRTW 201.

Where do I get help with my writing?
Contact the Writing Center at 803-323-2138 to set up an appointment.
What is the attendance policy for required writing classes?
Instructors may develop their own attendance policies; however, many use the policy stated in the Winthrop University Undergraduate Catalog: "If a student's absences in a course total 25 percent or more of the class meetings for the course, the student will receive a grade of N, F, or U, whichever is appropriate" (30). Distinctions are not made between excused and unexcused absences. If you know you must miss a class, inform your instructor and turn in any work in advance. If you are sick and cannot attend class, notify your instructor as soon as you can. If you miss a substantial number of classes, you may need to contact the Dean of Students' office (246 DiGiorgio Center, x 4503) to discuss your status. Please remember that instructors are not required to accept work that you turn in after a deadline.
What are the minimum grade requirements for the core writing courses?
Effective Fall semester 1994, all entering students must earn at least a C- in Writing 101 to receive credit for the course. Since its inception, CRTW 201, has also had the same requirement. You may not enroll in HMXP 102  until you have earned at least a C- in Writing 101. You may not enroll in CRTW 201 until you have earned a C- in HMXP 102. Students who have not earned at least a C- in Writing 101, HMXP 102, and CRTW 201 by the time they have earned 75 credit hours may enroll for no more than twelve hours per semester and in no course numbered above 299 until they have earned at least a C- in these courses.

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