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Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division is the part of the library most users never see. It is responsible for buying, cataloging, labeling, insuring the quality of information in DOC and preservation activities such as binding and repairing library materials. Departments within Technical Services include:

Monographs Acquisitions

The primary role of the Monographs Acquisitions Department is to collect materials for use by the students, faculty, and staff in support of the purpose of the University as stated in the Winthrop University Catalog. The department also acquires certain categories of materials in accordance with federal and state regulations for community access in support of the University's stated desire to contribute to the community. The Library accepts requests from patrons and acquires materials within the guidelines of the Library's stated "Collection Development Policy" and within the confines of the library budget. The department also maintains a small leisure reading collection of paperbacks chosen from published best-seller lists.

Monographs Cataloging

The responsibilities of the Monographs Cataloging Department include cataloging all books and audiovisual materials owned by Dacus Library in accordance with international standards, labeling and otherwise making these materials ready for use; and entering and monitoring information in the Dacus Online Catalog (DOC). Materials are cataloged for easy access, and are classified by subject using, for the most part, the Library of Congress Classification System.

Access Control

The job of the Access Control Unit is to make the Dacus Online Catalog (DOC) as useful as possible for the library's clientele by being sure that all subject headings, titles and authors names are accurate and up-to-date, and that needed cross references are available.


The Serials Acquisitions and Cataloging Department collects periodicals, newspapers, annual directories and encyclopedias, and other material published on a continuous basis to be used by the students, faculty and staff in support of the curriculum, teaching and research needs of the University. Once obtained, these materials are cataloged and added to the Dacus Online Catalog (DOC).

Binding and Preservation

The Binding and Preservation Unit is responsible for the preservation of all library materials. Serials are bound, and damaged material repaired either in-house or commercially.

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