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If you are a Student:

  1. If you have not previously used Turnitin, you must first register as new user.
  2. Go to the Turnitin Home Page, click on "Create A User Profile".  You must be enrolled in a class that is using Turnitin before you can create a user profile.  In addition, your professor must have given you the class ID number and password for the class.  (If you have used Turnitin before, enter your E-mail address and password, then click on the "Log In" button.)
  3. You may now join the classes specified by your professors by clicking on "join new class"  (You will need to know the class ID number and the password for each class.)
    • You must join each class for each Professor before you can submit papers to those classes.  
    • Each student in the class should register separately and submit papers independently.
    • Turnitin accepts the last submission to each session. If you submit multiple drafts during a given login session, it will accept only the last paper submitted.
    • You cannot submit a paper to a class if the Professor has not created an assignment in Turnitin.
The following resources provide more information on using Turnitin:

Go to Turnitin now.

If you have any questions, please contact Gale Teaster at Dacus Library or your professor.

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