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About Encore and Research Pro

What is Encore?

Encore is a new web interface for searching the library’s catalog and select databases (Research Pro Select) that uses Web 2.0 technology to present your search results in a more user-friendly manner. It also has new features that allow you to quickly and intuitively refine your results. Try Encore today!

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Is Encore a replacement for Dacus Online Catalog (DOC)

No, the classic catalog, DOC will always be available for those who prefer to use it instead of Encore. Encore performs a keyword search, so if you want to search by ISBN, Call Number, etc., you should continue to search DOC.

What does Encore search?

Encore performs a keyword search against the same bibliographic records used by the traditional DOC catalog search, but retrieves relevant information in a display that fully leverages the rich data contained in our records. You can also use the “Articles and More” feature embedded in Encore to expand your search to a select number of databases as well.

When should I search Encore?

The Encore search is ideal when you do not know the exact title or author, have a broad search topic, or want to see a general listing of what the library has on a given topic. The “Refine By” options on the left and right panels of the Encore search results make it easy to narrow your search results.

What makes Encore so special?

Encore has a number of new and/or improved features:

  • Intelligent" spell-checking / "Did you mean...?" - finds the correct title, even if you enter the wrong word
  • “Refine By” options - narrow your search results by any combination of format, language, collection, date, etc.
  • Subject Cloud Tag - narrow your search by the most frequently occurring subject terms from your results

How do I move to the classic catalog DOC from Encore?

There are currently two ways to move to DOC from within the Encore interface.

  • Click on the “Advanced Search” link just below the Encore search box on the home page. This will take you to the DOC Advanced Keyword search page.
  • Click on any title in your search results, and then click on the “Find Out More” link from the full record display. This will open up a new window or tab and take you to the DOC view of the same bibliographic record. From here you can initiate a new search, or navigate to the DOC home page.

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