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Pascal Delivers

What is Pascal Delivers?

Pascal Delivers is a rapid book delivery service available to patrons at participating South Carolina Academic Libraries. This exciting service allows patrons to search the catalogs of other academic libraries across the state from Pascalcat – the statewide union catalog, and to have books from other libraries delivered to them. At this time, the service is for BOOKS ONLY.

How does Pascal Delivers work?

There are two ways to use Pascal Delivers:

  1. Click on this button when you see it in Dacus Online Catalog (DOC) Pascal Delivers
    If you are looking at search results, your search will be repeated in Pascalcat.

    If you are looking for a specific title your library does not own, you will be able to see if the item is available at other South Carolina Academics libraries and to quickly place an order.

  2. Search Pascalcat (statewide union catalog) directly at
    When you place a request, you will be asked to identify you home institution (Winthrop)your name and university ID, and your pickup institution. (Items can be picked up at any PASCAL Institution, i.e., if you are home in Charleston, S.C. on a break but need an available Winthrop book, you can request it be delivered to you in Charleston).

Pascal Delivers Policies

Loan period: 6 weeks with the option of 1 renewal of an additional three weeks
Delivery Time: 2 to 3 business days
Overdue Fines: $1.00 day/per item
Notification: Patrons will be notified by email when their requested book arrives.
Pickup location: Pascal Delivers items can be picked up at the Information Commons Desk.
Material Type: At this time the service is for returnable materials only (primarily books but some libraries will loan media).

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