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Friends of Dacus Library @ Winthrop University

The purpose of the Friends of Dacus Library is to encourage gifts, endowments, memorials, and funds for financial support of library materials beyond the library's budget. It seeks to attain this purpose through the annual contributions of its members for the purchase of books and other materials.

Timeline of Activities: 1996-2012

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* Events open to public

October 18, 1996
  Inauguration of Friends of Dacus Library, Speaker: Judge Jane Fender (grand-niece of Ida Jane Dacus.)

February 28, 1997
  First business meeting. Officers elected:  Al Lyles, chair; Jack Boger, vice-chair; Margaret E. Turner, recording secretary; Dorothy Medlin, corresponding secretary/treasurer.

*May 16, 1997
  Luncheon. Speaker:  Dorothy McGavran, "Rereading Jane Austen in 1997"

*October 17, 1997
  Joint sponsorship with Rock Hill Winthrop Alumni.  Frances Patton Statham, "Recurrent Themes: The Idea and the Image."

  $2000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

*March 20, 1998
  Performance by Ed Beardsley: "FDR and the Great Depression."

*October 8, 1998
  Joint sponsorship with Henry's Knob Group, Sierra Club.  Slide-lecture by Dr. Harvard Ayers, "An Appalachian Tragedy:  Air Pollution and Tree Death in the Eastern Forests of North America."

  $5000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

*March 12, 1999
  Joint sponsorship with the College of Education.  Coleen Salley, "Retold Tales in Southern Literature."

May 21, 1999
Annual meeting.  Demonstration of internet/online catalog by Gloria Kelley.

*October 15, 1999
  Joint sponsorship with College of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. Walter Edgar, "South Carolina: A History."

$6000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials

*March 31, 2000
  Frye Gaillard, "The Catawba Renaissance: Native Americans in the South and East."

April 28, 2000
  Annual meeting.  Susan Ludvigson, "Art and Evil."  New officers elected: Clayton Owens, chair; Doris Platt, vice-chair; Dot Medlin, corresponding secretary; Margaret Turner, recording secretary; may Wylie (Polly) Ford, treasurer.

*October 19, 2000
Connie Clark, performing lecture on Emily Dickinson.

  $6000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

January 8, 2001
  Oil portrait of Ida Jane Dacus by Jimmie Rawls presented to Dacus Library by Judge Fender.

*March 29, 2001
Open-mike Poetry Reading.

April 27, 2001
  Annual meeting.  Demonstration of e-books and state of library by Larry Mitlin and Mark Herring.

*October 5, 2001
Susan Silverman, Lois Walker Stickell, and Robert Gorman. "From Battery to Bats:  African Americans Forgotten in History [Gullah Jack Prichard and David Mobley]."

  $8000 to Dacus Library for the purchase of materials.

*March 28, 2002
  Jack Weaver. "The Irish Heritage of the Carolinas."

May 2, 2002
  Gina Price White.  "Rock Hill Then and Now." Officers elected: Hannalie Ferguson, chair; Nancy Davidson, vice-chair; Dot Medlin, corresponding secretary; Earl Wilcox, recording secretary; Polly Ford, treasurer.

*November 8, 2002
  Dr. Lynn Willoughby, The Good Town Does Well.

$4500 to Dacus Library for the purchase of materials.

*April 14, 2003
"An Evening with Jim Hoagland."

May 5, 2003
Annual meeting.  Dr. Ross Webb, The Torch is Passed: A History of Winthrop University.  Election of officers:  Earl Wilcox, vice-chair, Joe Zdenek, recording secretary.

$12,000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

*September 19, 2003
Local Literary luncheon.  Works read by Mignon Ballard, Betty Beamguard, Doris Browder Blough, Craig Faris, Jo Koster, Grace Looper, Kay McSpadden, Terry Roueche, and Virginia Wilcox.


*April 8, 2004
Carol Conroy comes home to read her poetry.

May 5, 2004
Annual meeting.  Anne Holladay Collins, "More than Manners: A Study of Private Female Education in South Carolina from 1830-1880."

  Revised bylaws approved.

*October 2, 2004
Rosemary Taylor "The Art of Making News."

$5000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

*April 9, 2005
Local literary luncheon.  Works read by Judith Aplin, Jack Boger, Misty Massey, Kay McSpadden, and Evelyn Weeks.

*September 30, 2005
Charles Williams "Meet André Michaux."

  Election for terms beginning 1 January 2006: Gale Teaster, chair; Martha Anne McFadden, vice-chair; Joe Zdenek, recording secretary; Jim Johnston, treasurer; Sally Archer and Lib Patrick, Advisory Board Members,

$1000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

April 6, 2006
   "Antique Roadshow for Books" featuring Jim Presgraves, Bookworm &Silverfish, Wytheville, VA.

September 9 & 10, 2006
  "On Golden Pond"
A staged reading directed by Annie-Laurie Wheat, starring Polly Adkins as Ethel Thayer and Earl Wilcox as Norman Thayer, Jr.

  $10,000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

April 3, 2007
  "Islam in Central and Southeast Asia" Mary Schweitzer and Howard Federspiel.

October 9, 2007
"When it Strikes, Will You Be Ready?" Richard N. Côté

November 6, 2007
Dr. Constance Ashton Myers "Winthrop's Mary Elizabeth Massey: Feminist in Mufti"

 Election of officers: Chair, Sally Archer; Vice-Chair, Antje Mays; Corresponding Secretary, Jenny Sparacen; Treasurer, Jim Johnston; Recording Secretary, Mary Jean Martin; Advisory Board, Judith Aplin, Joye Berman, Carolyn Carpenter, Martha Cowan, Gloria Owens-Crank, Bill Daniel, Nancy Davidson, Gloria Kelley, Dorothy Medlin, Clayton Owens, Jean Plowdden, Addie Rutledge, Mickey Taylor, Sandra White.

$5000 to Dacus Library for purchase of materials.

October 2007
 Earthquake: Will you be ready?

November 2007
 Dr. CA Myers on Winthrop's Mary Elizabeth Massay

April 10, 2008
 Kay McSpadden "Education and the Classroom"

October 2008
 Antique Road Show for Books with Him Presgraves (Fall Festival)

April 22, 2009
 The Art of the Book: Hands-on workshop

September 2009
 Friends of Dacus Library joins twitter:

April 22, 2010
Literary Festival with Judith Barban and Charlie Burnette

November 9, 2010
Reading by author Mary Jean Ryals

October 8, 2012
Speaker author Caroline B. Cooney

October 8, 2012
Vote by Friends of Dacus to proceed with merger of Library Advisory Board with Friends group.

April 8 , 2013
Book Talk by Bela and M.H. Herlong (LINK HERE / past programs)

January 15, 2013
Establishment of the Friends of Dacus Library Endowed Fund

October 7, 2013
Merger of Library Advistory Board with the Friends of Dacus Library Board



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