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Friends of Dacus Library @ Winthrop University

The purpose of the Friends of Dacus Library is to encourage gifts, endowments, memorials, and funds for financial support of the library beyond the traditional budget. It seeks to attain this worthwhile goal via the contributions and fundraising efforts of members to the organization for either general or designated purposes.


Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be the Friends of Dacus Library at Winthrop University (hereinafter referred to as "Friends").

ARTICLE II - Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To encourage gifts, endowments, memorials, and funds for financial support of library materials, equipment, and/or services that supplement the library's traditional budget.
  2. To contribute, insofar as possible, to the continued improvement of the University library.
  3. To promote an understanding of present resources and services of the library and to foster a favorable climate for the support of its resources, services and physical facilities.
  4. To promote among the constituencies of the University an appreciation for the library as both the center of academic life at the institution and its role in providing opportunities for education and lifelong learning.

ARTICLE III – Membership
Section 1. Any person, organization, or corporation interested in the purposes of the Friends shall be eligible for membership and may become a member by making a contribution in the amount set forth in Section 2 of this Article III.

  • Section 2.  There shall be the following categories:
    • Winthrop Student - Annual contribution of $10
    • Member - Annual contribution of $50
    • Sustaining Member - Annual contribution of $100
    • Patron - Annual contribution of $200
    • Corporate (Businesses/Organizations Only) - Annual contribution of $500
    • Life (Individuals Only) - One-time contribution of $1000 or more to the group or the Library (or, in case of Winthrop faculty, the contribution of $1000 in four annual installments of $250).
  • Section 3. Annual memberships will run from January 1 through December 1.                                            

ARTICLE IV – The Board

  • Section 1. The thirteen (13) Friends Board Members consist of three (3) officers plus ten (10) at-large Library Advisory Board Members.  All Board Members must be active or life members of the organization.
  • Section 2. The primary responsibility of the Board shall be to promote understanding of the Friends and its purposes to the public and to carry out the responsibilities as listed in Appendix A.
  • Section 3. Meetings of the Board will be called by the Chair and/or the Secretary-Treasurer of the Friends to report to the officers and the Library Advisory Board on the activities of the Friends and to seek advice and counsel.  Four quarterly meetings of the entire Board shall be held annually.  Two of the quarterly meetings shall be arranged and presided over by the Dean of Library Services.  Such other meetings as may be from time to time necessary shall be called by the Chair and/or Secretary Treasurer as appropriate.
  • Section 4. A quorum of the Friends Board shall consist of twenty-five (25) percent of the serving members.    

Articled V. Officers and Their Duties

  • Section 1. The Friends shall have the following three (3) officers:  Chair, Vice-Chair (Chair-elect), and Secretary-Treasurer.  Officers will be elected by a majority vote of members present at the annual business meeting of the Friends, except that the Secretary-Treasurer shall be a permanent officer of the organization.  Said Secretary-Treasurer shall either be the Development Officer of the University Library or, in cases of a vacancy in that post, a librarian designated by the Dean of Library Services.  The terms of office of the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be one year, with eligibility for re-election for three consecutive years.
  • Section 2.  The duties of the officers shall be as follows (For detailed duties see Appendix A)
      • The Chair shall preside at meetings, chair the Executive Committee, appoint with the advice of the Executive Committee appropriate committees and generally function as executive officer of the Friends.  Appropriate committees include: Membership, Program, Publicity, and Fundraising.
      • The Vice-Chair shall preside in the absence of the Chair and serve as Chair of the Program Committee, and shall succeed to the position of Chair at the conclusion of the Chair's term of office.  
      • The Secretary-Treasurer will keep the minutes and associated records of the Friends and will maintain an archive of the Friends and its activities as a permanent record.  Said individual shall also maintain the financial records of the Friends, monitor revolving account expenditures, and will report periodically to the Executive Committee on the financial status of the group.  The person will serve as a liaison with the Director of Financial Affairs of the Winthrop University Foundation for expenditure and/or transfer of funds from the Friends Foundation account and will see to the annual updating of renewal letters that are mailed by the Foundation.  With the assistance of the Administrative Assistant to the Dean (or the functional equivalent), the Secretary-Treasurer shall handle correspondence, newsletters, and program announcements as required.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall also oversee collection of information from the library staff and Friends’ membership for inclusion in the newsletters of the group and shall oversee editing and production of the organizational newsletter.  The newsletter shall be produced at least twice per year, Fall and Spring.
  • Section 3. Election of officers will take place annually at the Fall business meeting of the Friends.  The Chair and Vice-Chair (Chair-elect) will be elected annually.  The ten (10) Library Advisory Board members will be elected on a rotational basis (the pattern shall be 3-3-4) for three-year terms.  The term of all officers and Library Advisory Board members shall start on January 1 of the year following election.  The Secretary-Treasurer is a permanent officer and is not subject to election.   


  • Section 1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the general management and operation of the Friends between the quarterly meetings of the Friends Board and the annual membership meeting.  The Committee shall be composed of the three (3) officers of the Friends (the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer).
  • Section 2. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Chair and/or Secretary-Treasurer to act as needed.


  • Section 1. The Library Advisory Board shall be composed of the ten (10) members elected by the membership at the annual meetings on an alternating basis (the pattern shall be 3-3-4).  All must be dedicated to the purposes of the Friends and each member shall serve a three-year term. 
  • Section 2. Members of the Library Advisory Board shall be nominated for election by the 13-member Friends Board. 
  • Section 3. The Library Advisory Board may be expanded and/or reduced in size as the need arises by a vote of the Executive Committee (consisting of the three officers of the organization).

Meetings of the members may be held as desired for educational and/or social functions.  The annual business meeting of the Friends will be held in the Fall to elect officers and Library Advisory Board members, report to the membership, and conduct other necessary business.  At the annual membership meeting a quorum shall consist of the members present.    


  • Section 1.  All fundraising activities, other than the annual membership renewal drive, by the officers, the Library Advisory Board, and members of the Friends will be conducted only with the prior knowledge and approval of the Office of Development of Winthrop University.  All gift funds, including membership contributions, shall be deposited with the Winthrop University Foundation and identified as a contribution to the Friends of Dacus Library, or otherwise deposited in such endowment funds as may be appropriate.  Funds from fundraisers (book sales, silent auctions, etc.) shall be deposited in the appropriate University account.
  • Section 2.  Expenditures for routine expenses - postage, printing, refreshments, the annual meeting, and the like - may be authorized by the Secretary-Treasurer.  Also, any funds given to the Friends by any individual or group for any designated purpose shall be utilized for said purpose. All other expenditures from Friends of the Library Funds, including from endowments under the control of the organization, shall be authorized by a vote of the Board.
  • Section 3.  Other than for routine expenses as noted in Section 2, expenditure priorities shall be established by the Board in consultation with the Dean of Library Services.
  • Section 4.  Expenditure of income from such Friends of the Dacus Library endowment funds as may exist, shall be executed in accordance with state law and the provisions of the agreements establishing said funds.

ARTICLE X - APPROVAL AND AMENDMENT OF THE BYLAWS                                          
Except for expansion of the Library Advisory Board by the Executive Committee, the bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership. Voting can take place at the annual business meeting in the Fall or by electronic or mail-in paper ballot if changes are needed earlier in the year.  The proposed changes must have been approved by the Friends Board. They must be presented in writing to the general membership at least ten business days prior to the voting deadline.    

As the organization evolves, procedural changes or Board vacancies may arise that require a general vote of the membership. When necessary, these issues will be presented by electronic and mail-in paper ballot along with stated voting deadline. The Chair oversees these votes or elections and may assign this task to another board member.

The proceedings of the organization will be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

Amended 5/5/2004
Amended 5/7/2008   
Amended 9/9/2010
Amended 10/8/2012


Friends of Dacus Library Officers’ Duties
The Chair

  • Serves as chief executive officer of the Board.
  • Presides over meetings.
  • Provides leadership in future directions and programs.
  • Serves as primary advisor to the Executive Board and such committees as may be established.
  • Appoints Ad Hoc committees as needed.
  • Serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.
  • Establishes the Nominating Committee for officers and Advisory Board members (2 to 5 members) and serves as chair of said committee.
  • Solicits the concurrence of the Board for officer and Advisory Board nominees prior to annual meeting.


  • Serves as program chair.
  • Presides over meeting in the absence of the chair.
  • Should a vacancy occur in the position of chair, then the vice-chair becomes chair.
  • Sends program publicity to the Secretary-Treasurer to place in the Friends of Library permanent files.
  • Sends program notices to Dacus Library website manger to add to the Friends of Dacus Library program and timeline web pages.
  • Sends program notices to Winthrop University publications, Johnsonian, Alumni Office, University Relations, Parents’ Post, cultural events calendar, FYI, student’s listserv, faculty-staff listserv, and any other appropriate media outlets.


  • Primary library liaison with the Friends of the Dacus Library.
  • Keeps minutes of board meetings.
  • Keeps records associated with the Friends.
  • Maintains archive of the Friends and its activities as a permanent record, including minutes of board meetings.
  • Maintains membership records of the Friends.
  • Maintains Friends of Library permanent files. 
  • Maintains detailed records of the Friends’ financial transactions.
  • Serves as liaison with the Director of Financial Affairs of the Winthrop University Foundation.
  • Authorizes payment and transfer of funds from the Friends account to the library account through Winthrop University Foundation.
  • Establishes and maintains a revolving account on deposit with Dacus Library for incidental Friends costs (e.g. printing, postage, etc.)
  • Sees that membership renewal notices go out in a timely manner.
  • In conjunction with the Administrative Assistant to the Dean, will oversee:
    • Correspondence on behalf of the Friends (Thank you letters for gifts now generated by the Winthrop Foundation and sent electronically to the library     where they are printed on Friends letterhead and mailed to donors).
    • Mailings of newsletters, program announcements, renewal invitations, etc.
    • Publication of the Friends newsletter at least twice a year, which shall include stories from members of the Friends of Dacus Library as well as from Dacus Library Staff, and information of Friends programs and events.
    • Forwarding of an electronic copy of the newsletter to the library’s website manager to add to the Friends of Dacus Library web page.
  • Newsletters will be produced and published through the Dacus Library Dean’s Office, and may include such sections as:
    • Message from the Chair
    • Dean’s Corner
    • Latest Friends Gifts
    • Programs (publicity for upcoming program, description of plans for future programs and request for additional ideas from members)
    • Showcase:
      • Winthrop faculty research
      • Dacus Library programs & services
        • E.g. IM, PASCAL Delivers, Online ILL request, new databases (insert miniature postcard likeness), library door access, etc.
      • Profile of a member
      • Membership list – year end list
      • Tribute
      • Memorial
    • “Why I give” (statement from a Friends member)

Advisory Board Member

  • Attends Board meetings as scheduled.
  • Serves a three-year term.
  • Serves on working committees of the Friends Board.
  • Serves as chair of working committees of the Friends Board as needed.
  • Submits stories, ideas or images (photos, artwork, etc) to the Secretary-Treasurer for the Friends Newsletter.
  • Generates ideas for future Friends programs and activities.
  • Helps with publicity projects.
  • Contributes, insofar as able, to the support of library needs, projects and/or activities.
  • Alerts the dean and/or development liaison (the Secretary-Treasurer of the Friends group) to prospects (people, companies, foundations, etc.) that may be able to help with the library’s larger financial outreach.
  • Will assist, insofar as practical, the Dean and/or development officer of Dacus Library on solicitation calls.
  • Will assist in recruiting potential new members of the Friends of Dacus Library, as well as potential officers and Library Advisory Board members for the organization.
  • Will advise the library on such community needs for the wider Rock Hill and York County areas which may be met or assisted by Dacus Library involvement.



  • New officers assume duties on January 1.
  • Board meetings shall be held quarterly, unless cancelled by the Chair.
  • Friends newsletters should be published at least twice a year (Fall and Spring).
  • The Annual Meeting of the Friends should be held between late September and early November at which time the annual election of officers and new board members takes place.
  • Membership renewal notices should go out at least once per year.

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