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Enabling Excellence at Dacus!

Relocation of the Pettus Archives to the corner of Charlotte and Cherry Road. This move was finalized in early 2012, providing us town and gown collaboration, more exhibit space, and more ooportunities to display the archives' more than six million items. The new space more than doubled the old and provided the Archives with a classroom and numerous researcher study areas.

Dacus Repurposing. We asked our students what they wanted us to do with this 40+ year old building and they told us without equivocation: 24-hour access, groups study rooms, individual study carrels and the newest technologies.  In the summer of 2012 we added techno booths, touch screen computers, an information commons, and more on the main floor of Dacus Library. We expanded hours to 24-hour access to the main level from 1 PM Sundays to 9 PM Fridays, during the Fall and Spring Semesters. We have plans for added improvements on the Upstairs (2nd) and Downstairs (Ground) levels in the near future.

A New Library Building. For Dacus to move from a 20th century library to a 21st century one a new building is needed. Our current building is now more than 40 years old. The university has placed before the South Carolina legislature one request:  funds for a new library building to be located on the west side of campus.  It is estimated that a new building will cost $50 million.

Book and Periodical Endowment Fund. Dacus has over half a million volumes in its collection, making it the 4th largest in South Carolina.  But to push Dacus to excellence, our goal is to raise $1 million to be place in an endowment fund for library materials. This would ameliorate funding shortfalls in the future.

Makers of the Mind Lecture Series. Libraries are not so much about books and bytes, as they are about ideas. We’d like to showcase the best minds to talk about new ideas in science, medicine, law, philosophy, theology and literature. If the university is, indeed, to be a place of the mind, then in order to get us to excellence, a $300,000 goal is required.

Digitization Projects.  Winthrop's Louise Pettus Archives houses many one-of-a-kind collections, such as the Nathan Asch papers and the Gilchrist collection.  Because of advances in web technology, many such papers can be made available to literally millions of users through digitization.  To get Dacus to the Dacus Excellence goal, $350,000 is needed.

Rare Books and Papers.  The DacusLouise Pettus Archives is already home to many rare materials including a letter from George Washington and numerous fist editions.  To move that collection to the Dacus Excellence goal, however, we need to be able to acquire more rare materials and papers of significant writers.  $750,000 is needed.

Dacus Professional Development Fund.  Dacus is home to 13 professional librarians and 17 paraprofessionals.  Making sure all these excellent employees stay current is an arduous task.  Moreover, it’s estimated that by 2010, at least 45% of the library profession will be at or near retirement.  This Edge of Excellence Fund would allow us to continue education in our rapidly changing library environment while also allowing us to “grow our own” professional by helping worthy paraprofessionals move to the next level of service in their education.  The Dacus Excellence goal is $400,000.

Traveling Exhibits and Lectures.  Both the Library of Congress and the State Library of South Carolina offer numerous excellent traveling exhibits designed especially for libraries.  These costly exhibits make provide opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom while also providing the larger Rock Hill community a wonderful chance to enjoy the intellectual labors of our faculty.  This Dacus Excellence goal would enable us to host four or more such exhibits, lectures and receptions annually.  $275,000 is required.

If you would like to join us in our plans for these exciting goals, please contact Winthrop University's or feel free to refer to the University Development Office web site.

For more information, please at the library.

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