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Collection Management

Welcome to the Collection Management Handbook of the Ida Jane Dacus Library at Winthrop University. This handbook puts at your fingertips all information about methods and policies for ordering library materials.  If you have a ring-bound hardcopy Handbook from an earlier year, please know that production of the hardcopy version was discontinued with the September 2009 edition. This online edition makes it easier to find the available information. Simply click on the desired topics on the left menu to see details -- pages with budget information require subject selectors' individual Winthrop login.

Library materials include the following:

Monographs: books, audio-visual materials (DVDs, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CDs), e-books.
Serials: Periodicals, serials, e-books, e-journals,  and databases.

To find information pertaining to your subject area, please click on "Subject Areas Collected" above.

We will keep updating this handbook as our resources and library technologies continue to evolve.

Whenever you need additional information or clarification, please don't hesitate to contact the Monographs Acquisitions Department or the Serials Acquisitions Department.


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