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Collection Management Team

Departmental Liaisons

  • Serves as contact person for the department concerning library issues.
  • Monitor requests from departmental faculty to insure that all areas are purchasing material to support the curriculum.
  • Monitor department allocations to make sure funds are encumbered by February 15.
  • Distribute Choice cards to appropriate faculty members.
  • Initial orders from the department and add fund codes.

Subject Specialist Librarian

  • Acquaint themselves with the teaching faculty, the curriculum, and the library holdings in their assigned area.
  • Keep informed of newly published material in their subject field.
  • Spend funds allocated in their area.
  • Initial all requests originating from their team.
  • Spend remaining funds from departmental allocations after March 15.
  • Serve as consultant to the Monograph Acquisitions Department concerning gifts, replacements, and mending.

Acquisitions Department (Monographs and Serials)

  • Review requests submitted for purchase.
  • Order materials supporting academic curricula.
  • Receive and process ordered materials.
  • Monitor budget.
  • Alert departments of deadlines for order requests.

Collection Management Officer

  • Assists in overseeing the overall quality of the collection.
  • Provides collection data for accreditations, self studies, and etc.
  • Keeps collection management policies current.

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