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Collection Management Officer

  • Serves as the Collection Management Officer for the library.
    • Serves as chairperson for the Collection Management Committee.
    • Schedules meetings with Collection Management Committee.

  • Establishes and coordinates collection management activities with library and departmental liaisons.

  • Works with collection management committee to set a collection management agenda/timetable for the year.
    • Develops an agenda for collecting formats, systems and other means of accessing information.

  • Responsible for reviewing and revising the Collection Management Policy.

  • Works with Public Service Department on developing policies/procedures for Document Delivery Services.

  • Works with the Head of Monographs Acquisitions and the Head of Serials Acquisitions and Cataloging to gather and provide statistical information to accrediting teams and agencies about library holdings.

  • Works with the Head of Monographs Acquisitions, the Head of Serials Acquisitions and Cataloging and library liaisons to develop needs assessments for the collection.

  • Develops and manages policies and procedures for weeding and storage of materials.


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