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Collection Management Calendar

Fiscal Year period is July 1 - June 30.

  • Monthly:
    • Budget reports showing expenditures and encumbrances are provided to all liaisons each month throughout the fiscal year.
    • Materials newly added to the library are provided online. This website, New Acquisitions and Gifts, is updated following the last day of each month.
  • August:
    • Collection Management Team assignments are completed:
      • Teaching departments designate their liaisons to the library from among their faculty;
      • Library faculty and staff members select their subject areas.
  • September:
    • Funds are allocated as soon as library materials budget is known, and library liaisons are informed of their book/video budget for the business year.
  • December:
    • Reminder of the March 15 ordering deadline is sent to all library liaisons before fall semester's end.
    • 50% of allocation should be spent.
  • January:
    • Second reminder of the March 15 ordering deadline is sent to all library liaisons after spring semester has begun.
  • February:
    • Library liaisons and selectors receive current budget status as of February
    • Third reminder of the March 15 ordering deadline is sent to all library liaisons.
  • March 15:
    • 100% of allocation should be spent.
  • March 16 until funds are depleted:
    • Funds not used by the March 15 deadline will be used for materials to support other areas with documented needs (such as e.g. academic program expansions and/or accreditation).
  • Between April and June:
    • As the fiscal-year end approaches, library materials funds approach depletion as the ordered materials are received and paid.
    • When book/video requests exceed available funds, they cannot be ordered. Acquisitions librarian discusses unordered / unfunded materials with each library liaison, to determine which of them to order in the following fiscal year.
  • July: Unordered / unfunded materials chosen by the library liaison as the old fiscal year ends are ordered as soon as the new fiscal year begins.

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