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The Winthrop Archives Staff is available to give presentations to classes, schools, community groups and interested parties on the following subjects:

1)  Winthrop University:  Its History and Traditions
    Through the use of clippings, photographs, letters, and other Winthrop archival documents, groups learn about Winthrop's establishment, the Blue Line, the May Queen and other fascinating chapters in the university's history.

2)  Archives:  Preserving the Past for the Future  
    How archival documents are collected and preserved.  Groups are shown clay tablets, a George Washington letter, diaries, letters, photographs, and other fascinating documents.

3)  Winthrop Film Festival 
    A selection of engaging films from the Winthrop Archives, including one made in 1919, are presented.

4)  How to Find Your Family History
    Through examples and exercises, groups are given an appreciation of their family history and learn how to find out about their past.   

5)  Glimpses of York County or Chester County or Lancaster County 
    Through the use of Winthrop Archival documents, groups are given a better appreciation of the rich heritages of York, Chester, or Lancaster Counties.


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