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Patron Code of Conduct

The primary goal of the Winthrop University Library is to support the instructional and research activities of the Winthrop University academic community. As a security measure, a Winthrop University identification card or a scheduled appointment is required to enter Dacus Library. The Library must create a safe and secure environment in which to provide its services. To ensure that this environment remains as safe as possible for Winthrop's students, faculty, and staff, Dacus Library has established the following Patron Code of Conduct. All Library patrons in Dacus Library are expected to act maturely, responsibly, courteously, and to be respectful of the library staff and other patrons. All Winthrop University students must abide by the Student Conduct Code of Winthrop University and all library patrons are expected to abide by the Winthrop University Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources.

The following activities are considered inappropriate and will not be allowed in Dacus Library.

  • Smoking in the library
  • Disruptive behavior; including loud conversations, excessive noise, and cell phone conversations
  • Unsupervised children
  • Viewing inappropriate internet sites

The following activities are also considered inappropriate and anyone engaged in these activities will be requested to leave the building. Any refusal to do so will result in the Winthrop University Police Department being contacted.

  • Stealing, defacing, destroying library materials, the library building, furnishings or equipment
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal controlled substances in or near the library
  • Harassment, either verbal or physical, of library patrons or library staff
  • Failing to provide appropriate identification when requested by a library staff member
  • Refusing to exit the library at closing time
  • Entering the library in a state of intoxication or other impairment
  • Stealing personal property in the library
  • Inappropriate dress
Louise Pettus Archives and Special Collections
  • All Archives materials are to be used in the Archives research room in an area designated by Archives' staff. Nothing is to be taken out of the research room except by express permission of the Director or the Assistant Archivist.
  • The exact order or arrangement of any Archives material must be kept intact. Loose material may not be removed from folder.
  • Exercise the greatest possible care to prevent damage to materials and use extreme caution in handling fragile items. No marks or objects should be placed on the surface of items used. Loose sheets should be handled by their edges and handled as little as possible.
  • The Archives research room is closely monitored.
  • Any inappropriate or unlawful activity is subject to cessation of Archives privileges and/or prosecution.

Anyone deliberately violating this code of conduct will lose their privilege to use Dacus Library.

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