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Dacus Library Ordering Procedures

Winthrop Faculty can submit requests for books and journals in several ways.

  • Two-part request forms, supplied by the library. These are for faculty who like to keep a file of the titles requested. The white portion is sent to the library, and the manila part can be retained by the department or requestor.
  • One-part request forms. Faculty who do not wish to keep a card file of titles requested may use a 1-part request form, also supplied by the library.
  • Online requests.
  • Choice Reviews on Cards. Faculty may use Choice cards as request cards simply by initialing them and returning them to the library. It is not necessary to transfer information from a Choice card to a request card.
  • Bibliographies and publisher's blurbs. Although the library prefers to receive requests in one of the above five ways, faculty may initial bibliographies or publisher's advertisements and send them to us.
  • In person. Faculty are always welcome to telephone or to drop by the library to request individual titles.

Request Procedures:

When filling out the request card, the most important information is the title and the author. Also important is the publisher, cost, and year of publication. If the ISBN information is available, please include this also. When requesting items from small or obscure publishers, please attach an advertisement or citation with your request.

The library may not be able to order all requests due to budgetary constraints, therefore, please prioritize your requests:
  1. Priority "1" - titles which are necessary additions to the collection.
  2. Priority "2" - titles which would be nice to have but are not immediately needed
  3. "RUSH" - titles that are needed quickly. Clearly mark the request "RUSH" and indicate the specific date the item is needed. You will be notified by phone when the item arrives.

Each department is allocated an amount for book and audio-visual purchases. Within each department, a faculty member is designated to coordinate requests and act as a liaison with the library. Faculty members should submit requests to this liaison, who will forward them to the Monographs and A-V Acquisitions Department.

The library also maintains a library general fund for reference materials. Faculty with recommendations for material to be purchased from this fund should send suggestions to the Monographs and A-V Acquisitions Librarian.

The library does not allocate funds to departments for serials subscriptions because of the on-going commitment created by these subscriptions. Requests for new serial titles can be given directly to the Serials Librarian for review and consideration.

Winthrop students can also submit requests for books and journals.

  • Through DLO - Students can point to "Online Forms", then "Feedback" then click on "A Book that Dacus Needs" on the maroon menu bar to request at particular title.
  • In person - Students are always welcome to telephone or to drop by the library to request individual titles.

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