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Library Staff Directory


Dr. Mark Y. Herring Dean of Library Services
Dorothy M. Barber  Executive Support Specialist


David Weeks Head, Public Services Division
Susan R. Silverman Director of Assessment

Reference Department

Jackie McFadden Information Literacy Coordinator
DeAnn Brame Digital Services and Systems Librarian
Michaela Volkmar Outreach Librarian
Philip Hays Access Services Coordinator
Ann Thomas Interlibrary Loan Assistant

Circulation Department

Nancy White Head, Circulation Department
Trey Woodring Circulation Assistant

Archives and Special Collections

Gina Price White Director of Archives
Andy Johnston Assistant Director of Archives
Brittany Pigford Archivist
Charlene Drummond Archivist
Kaitlin Burdette Archivist
Vacant Audio Visual Archivist/Reference Librarian


Dr. Ronnie W. Faulkner Head, Content Services and Development

Collections Acquisitions and Description

Dr. Antje Mays Acquisitions & Description Librarian
Jannifer Tucker Library Specialist
Sheryl Jordon Library Specialist

Metadata and Collections Access

Patricia I. Ballard Metadata Librarian
Dr. Spiro J. Shetuni Collections Access Librarian
Pam Garrison Library Specialist

Electronic and Continuing Resources

Gale Teaster-Woods Electronic & Continuing Resources Librarian
Brenda Knox Library Technical Assistant
Ellen D. Owens Library Specialist
Kenya Williams Library Technical Assistant


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