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Dean's Welcome

Of all the inanimate objects of all men's creations, books are the nearest to us for they contain our very thoughts, our ambitions, our indignation's, our illusions, our fidelity to the truth, and our persistent leanings to error. But most of all they resemble us in their precious hold on life. - Joseph Conrad . Notes on Life and Letters (p. 5)

It must seem odd, in this day of iPads, smartphones, Google, ebooks, and laptops to celebrate the book, a “technology” many people think is already out-of-date.  But celebrate books we must for it is in them that we find both our knowledge and our wisdom, not just our information. You’ll find a plethora of information on the internet but what you may not find in great abundance is wisdom.  Most of our more than books contain materials you cannot find on the Internet. That's right, not everything is on the internet after all – at least not yet. Forgive our books for not being electronically flashy; forgive them the time they take to master. But do remember that they represent what can be the best and most noble about us: our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams.

Of course, libraries contain much more than books these days, and Dacus is no exception. You’ll find here the most recent publication in any discipline, the most up-to-date electronic journals, full-text databases, ubiquitous e-books, wireless and mobile access, and circulating laptops.  We also provide access to more than 100 databases and over 30,000 electronic journals.  What’s more, you can read most of them online, in the library, from your dorm room, apartment or even from your smartphone.

Equal to our collection is the service we provide you. Using a library can be difficult and that’s why those of us here have made it a lifetime of study. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of people on a university campus:  those who know a thing (faculty), and those who know where to find it (librarians).  We want your experience in the library to be pleasantly memorable, so please, ask us for help. Our help is available in person at the Information Commons Desk, online at "Ask A Librarian", or via our Chat and text services.

If genius "is nothing more than the knowledge of the use of tools," as the great 18th Century genius Samuel Johnson had it, then Dacus librarians are the ticket to brilliance. If I or anyone on the Dacus library staff can help you, please let us know. We want your experience with our books, our electronic sources, our serials - whatever it is you need - to be among the most satisfying intellectual experiences you'll have during your academic career here. Let us help you make our goal your reality.

Mark Y. Herring
Dean of Library Services

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