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Dacus Focus

The newsletter of the Winthrop University Library

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Fall 2010: "Playaway" the Holidays
Spring 2010: David vs. Goliath
December 2009: Can PASCAL Be Saved?
June 2009: The Sky's not Falling but the Roof Was
November 2008: Friends Festival, Living Abundantly
April 2008: PASCAL Delivers...and How!
November 2007: A New Approach to Information Literacy
April 2007: New PASCAL Delivers Becomes Reality
December 2006: New Dacus Online, DOC Greet Campus
April 2006: Additional Resource Collections Available
November 2005: Library's Technology Updated
May 2005: A PASCAL Primer
February 2005: ARTstor Adds to Panoply of Databases
October 2004: BI Program Strengthens Student Learning
July 2004: PASCAL to Receive $2 Million from S.C. Legislature
March 2004: Film Festival Honors Brown v. Board of Education
November 2003: Disaster Planning Makes a Difference
April 2003: Collection Provides Free Public Access to Government Documents
February 2003: Juvenile Collection Serves WU Community
December 2002: Services Inside the Library Continue to Grow
October 2002: Righting Writing; Web Sites Offer Help in Combating Digital Plagiarism
April 2002: Counting the Cost: Human and Financial Resources
February 2002: Futures, Part III, Cooperative Ventures and Services
November 2001: Scryers, Crystal Balls, and the Future
September 2001: The Future of Library Services
March 2001: A Gossamer of Light
January 2001: Experts Debate Cyberage Issues; Civil War Letters
November 2000: Seeing is Believing, Library Changes Since Opening of Dacus
September 2000: Dacus Enjoys Banner Year, Information Literacy, Lifelong Learning
April 2000: Internet Caveats, Electronic Classroom
February 2000: Advisory Board; Archives and Special Collections
December 1999: Public Services; Library Facelift; Book Sale
October 1999: "Smoked Herring, Shotten Herring;" Technical Services
September 1999: "Nous Avons Change Tout Cela;" New Services
April 1999: Dean Retires; Web Resources; Excellence Report
September 1998: DISCUS/SearchBank; Inventory, Friends' Activities
December 1996: Hours Increased; Government Depository Centenary
January 1996: FirstSearch; Early Days at Winthrop; Library Challenges Report
November 1994: CD-ROMs, Gopher: Freshman Research Habit; Archives Traveling Exhibit
May 1994: Statewide Library Network Urged; WPA and Libraries in S.C.; Library Directors' Forum

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