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Architectural Drawings of Alfred Gilchrist

Digitized Collection

Gilchrist Architectural Drawing Example

     Alfred D. Gilchrist was active as an architect between 1913 and 1940.  He was working as the manager of the Rock Hill, S.C. office of Hook and Rogers, Architects in 1913.  By 1920, he opened an office of his own in Rock Hill and maintained this office through 1940.  He designed buildings in many places in South and North Carolina but primarily in York, Chester, Lancaster, and Fairfield counties in South Carolina.  His designs include schools, churches, municipal buildings, residences, and remodeling projects.  He died in 1944.

      The Louise Pettus Archives at Winthrop University received the collection of Mr. Gilchrist’s work in June of 2003 from his grandson Alfred Gilchrist.  The collection contains approximately 1250 drawings of homes, public buildings, schools, churches, and private businesses.  The majority of these drawings are of structures in York County and Chester County in South Carolina.  There are also drawings from Darlington, Dillon, Gaffney, Kershaw, Lancaster, Liberty Hill, Mullins, and Winnsboro in South Carolina and Morganton, Shelby, and Winston Salem in North Carolina.

      The drawings range in size from approximately 10 inches by 15 inches to approximately 40 inches by 36 inches.  They are drawn on various types of material including vellum and linen.

      The collection is organized by type of building (Offices, Businesses, and Industrial; Public Buildings; and Private Homes and Residences) and location.  The images accessible through this page are just a very small sampling of the collection as a whole.

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