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Submitting Course Reserve Materials

Copyright Guidelines

Materials placed on reserve must comply with both federal copyright law and university copyright policy. Any readings not clearly within the scope of the "Fair Use" provisions of 17 U.S.C. , Section 107 or not licensed by the library will not be added to the reserve system without permission of the copyright holder. The Circulation staff will gladly request permission, but please note that publishers may refuse such requests.

Clear-cut examples of "fair use" include:

  • No more than 3 copies of any article or book chapter, used for a single semester
  • 1 article from a journal or 1 chapter from a book, used for a single semester
  • Course notes
  • Course syllabi

Examples of material that may require permission of copyright holder:

  • Any copyrighted material used for more than one semester
  • "Consumable" materials--copyrighted tests, solutions, worksheets
  • More than one chapter from a book, or more than one article from an issue of a journal
  • Articles from multiple sources, collected into an anthology to be used as a text for the course
  • Student papers, which do enjoy copyright protection and may constitute academic records.

Procedures for Submitting Reserve Materials

1. Fill out and print course list (PDF).
2. Fill out and print copyright form and Fair Use Checklist (PDF). (for photocopies only) (Updated August, 2013 -please update your files)
3. Fill out and print student permission form (PDF) for use of student projects.
4. Bring paperwork and materials to the Circulation Desk at the library.  Please do not leave materials in the book drop or send paperwork via e-mail or campus mail.

  • No materials will be accepted for reserve without paperwork or with incomplete paperwork.
  • All photocopies must be clearly legible, single-sided, and on 81/2 X 11 paper.
  • A full citation must appear on each copy.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all photocopied items will be placed on electronic reserve; paper copies will be made available to students only at the request of the instructor.
  • If the reserve material is available via one of the library's subscription databases, a link to that version of the material will be substituted for the paper copies and the item will be on electronic reserve only.

Please allow 3 working days for processing.

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