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Digitized Collections

Schorb Collection Winthrop University Archives and Special Collections' digitization project has two goals:
  1. to preserve the Archives' collections pertaining to the University and the manuscript collections pertaining to South Carolina and the Catawba region
  2. to make parts of these collections available to researchers, scholars and students worldwide.  Through our digitization project, scholars and researchers can have access to source materials using the Internet.
Collection Types:
Also see our "Highlights of Winthrop University History" collection.

The themes inherent within the archives collections have been dictated by the past history of Winthrop University, its location, and faculty research interest.  Winthrop was primarily a women's college until 1974 when it became coeducational.  This has given the Archives staff the opportunity to collect documents that depict the role of women in the shaping of South Carolina history.  Many Winthrop Graduates have gone on to perform active and important roles as leaders and participants in education, clubs and organizations, home extension, social work, politics, civic and charitable affairs and other activities.  Of special interest are the files available to researchers who study Southern history.  The location of Winthrop University has also been a guiding factor in determining materials collected.  Winthrop is located in Rock Hill, York County, South Carolina.  Many of our collections deal with the Catawba Region of South Carolina.  This digitization project is important in providing access to rare and fragile documents that may not be available beyond the Winthrop University Campus.

We hope you find our digitized collections interesting and informative.  We are constantly adding digitized images to the collection so we suggest you visit periodically to note the updates.

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