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Winthrop Farm (1895 - )

Digitized Collection

Kinard Hall ca early 1940s

The farm consisted of a 144 acre crop area, graze area, and livestock operation, which eventually was expanded to 360 acres. Already in existence when the school opened in 1895, the farm was used to provide dairy, eggs, and meat to the students.  As many as 100 gallons of milk and 80 dozen eggs are consumed each day during the 1930s.  Poultry, cows, pigs, bees and several crops were successfully cultivated at the farm.  A new barn was built in 1932.  The cows were auctioned on July 31, 1956, and the entire farming operation was ceased by the end of that year.  The creamery was eventually demolished in 1962.   

The lake at Winthrop Farm was built in 1957, primarily to be used for student recreation.  The area is now also home to the school’s coliseum, softball fields, and golf course.  At one time a proposed plan to further develop the land existed.  However, the plan was largely opposed and has since been scrapped.  The land encompassed by the area formerly known as “the farm” is extremely popular and used by students as well as the community.

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