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Lee Wicker Hall (1962- )

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Lee Wicker Hall ca1962

Lee Wicker Hall was built in 1962 and originally housed 314 students. It was built at a cost of $850,000 by the Young Construction Co. of Rock Hill and Baker and Gill of Florence served as the architectural firm for the building. Originally a residence hall for seniors, Lee Wicker was the last Neo-Georgian-style building to be erected on the Winthrop campus. It was named for Lee Wicker Kinard, wife of Winthrop's second president, Dr. James P. Kinard, who served from 1928-1934. Mrs. Kinard was a member of Winthrop's English faculty from 1895-1896.

The building fronts on Cherry Road with a wing extending down Oakland Avenue. There are four floors on the Cherry Road side and three on the Oakland Avenue side. On the ground floor are located the service area for steam, water, electricity, laundry rooms, a large recreation room, as well as student residence rooms. There is also a visiting area on the street floor which is paneled and of early American design.

The student rooms are arranged in suites with four persons sharing a connecting bath between two rooms. The dormitory, also, features glazed tile on the window sills and each of the baths are of ceramic tile. The hall walls are of structural glazed tile and each floor of the student residence hall is equipped with a kitchen for student use.

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