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D.B. Johnson ca1912

David Bancroft Johnson

1856 - Jan. 10 David Bancroft Johnson is born in La Grange, Tennessee
1857 - David Johnson, Sr. died
1864 - Eight-year-old Johnson lost his left arm while jumping from a freight train
1877 -Johnson graduated with honors from East Tennessee University in Knoxville
1877 to 1879 - Johnson was principal of a Knoxville boys’ school
1879 - Johnson received an M.A. degree from the ETU
1879 to 1881 - Johnson was principal of the graded school system in Abbeville, S.C.
1881 to 1883 -
Johnson was principal of the graded school system in New Bern, N.C.
1883 -
Johnson appointed Columbia, S.C. School Superintendent (held post through 1895)
1884 to 1888 -
President of the South Carolina Teachers Association
1885 to 1894 -
Johnson helped organize and was president of the Columbia Y.M.C.A.
1886 -
Johnson received $1500 from the Peabody Education Board headed by Robert C. Winthrop to begin a teacher training school for women
1886 -
Nov. 15 Johnson opened Winthrop Training School for Teachers in a chapel at Columbia Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Columbia with 19 students
1887 -
Johnson's new school graduated 14 students, South Carolina granted Johnson a charter, and the school moved to a house on Marion St. in Columbia
1889 -
Johnson founded the South Carolina Association of School Superintendents
1891 -
South Carolina General Assembly establishes the South Carolina Industrial and Winthrop Normal College and names Johnson the president
1891 -
Johnson and teachers Mary Yeargin and Hannah Hemphill are appointed as a committee to visit potential sites and consider offers from towns competing to offer Winthrop a permanent home
1893 -
Rock Hill named new home to Winthrop and the school changed its name to The Winthrop Normal and Industrial College of South Carolina
1894 -
Johnson presided over the festivities of the laying of the cornerstone of Main Building (later Tillman)
1895 -
Johnson began classes in Rock Hill on October 15 and instituted a four-year curriculum and a uniform dress code. North Dormitory (later Margaret Nance) was built
1896 -
Crawford Infirmary constructed
1898 -
First yearbook (Tatler) published
1900 -
Enrollment tops 500 and Winthrop Kindergarten opens
1901 -
South Dormitory (later McLaurin Hall) was built
1901 -
Johnson gained membership in Phi Kappa Phi
1902 -
On Aug. 6 Johnson married Mai Rutledge Smith, an 1898 Winthrop graduate
1902 -
Organized the Rural School Improvement Association of South Carolina
1902 -
Organized the Rural School Improvement Association of South Carolina
1903 -
D. B. Johnson’s first child David Bancroft Johnson, Jr. (1903-1973) born on May 21st
1905 -
Johnson granted funds from Andrew Carnegie for Library (now Rutledge Building)
1905 -
Johnson became a member of the National Geographic Society
1905 -
Johnson received honorary doctorate from South Carolina College (later Univ. of S.C.)
1908 -
D. B. Johnson’s second son Burgh Johnson (1908-1967) born
1909 -
Bancroft Hall and the Dining Hall (now McBryde) built
1910 -
Johnson elected president of Southern Educational Association
1910 -
Johnson elected president of the Normal School division of the National Education Association
1912 -
Winthrop Training School (later renamed Withers) built
1913 -
Tillman Science Building built
1915 -
Johnson elected president of the National Education Association (presided through 1916)
1916 -
Peabody Gymnasium built with funds Johnson obtained from Peabody Fund and enrollment tops 1000
1920 -
Johnson elected a member of the International Committee of the Y. M. C. A.
1920 -
Roddey and Johnson Halls built and name changed to Winthrop College, the South Carolina College for Women
1921 -
D. B. Johnson’s third child Susanne Johnson (1921-1979) born on Apr. 21st
1922 -
Winthrop honors Johnson by celebrating Founder’s Day on his birthday
1923 -
Winthrop’s student newspaper the Winthrop Weekly News is renamed; in honor of Johnson to The Johnsonian
1924 -
Breazeale Hall built
1924 -
Johnson received honorary doctorate from Presbyterian College
1926 -
Joynes Hall built
1927 -
Johnson named South Carolina’s Most Distinguished Citizen by the; American Legion
1928 -
Johnson died on December 26, 1928
1944 -
S.S. D.B. Johnson launched
1950 -
Twenty-two years after his death, Johnson was chosen Educator of the Half Century by leading college and public school educators, newspaper editors and prominent laymen

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