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Portfolio Presentations

The Cultural Events Committee has established a procedure whereby some or all of a student's Cultural Events credits may be earned on the basis of significant past life experiences of a cultural nature. This procedure involves the presentation to the committee of a Portfolio. This procedure is primarily designed for the nontraditional student. Only those experiences which the student has had since high school graduation will be considered. The portfolio should be based on experiences since high school and prior to matriculation at Winthrop University. Any outside experiences which occur during the time spent as a Winthrop student may be submitted using the petition option.

If a student wishes to exercise the portfolio option, they are advised to present their portfolios as soon as possible after their first semester of enrollment.  However, portfolios must be done a minimum of one month before graduation.

A portfolio is designed to illuminate those activities and life experiences which a student has had which are unrelated to their college activities. Therefore, in the case of transfer students, no consideration will be given for activities participated in or attended at another college while they were a student there. Allowance is already made for that by the reduction in the number of over-all cultural events credits they must obtain at Winthrop. Consideration will be given for experiences such as travel (foreign or domestic), museum visits, and attendance or participation in plays, dance programs, operas, or concerts done by professional, college, or community groups.

The portfolio should be typed and should be very detailed. Although the committee does not expect a student to have ticket stubs or programs relating to plays attended 10 years ago, it does expect the written report to give the title of the play, where it was attended, and something about the performance. The idea is to give the committee a clear idea of those things which you have been involved with and/or attended, how they affected you, and some sense of your continuing commitment to such activities as a participant or audience member.

The portfolio may contain programs or photographs but should also include a detailed well-written report. The more experiences you cite in some detail, the better your chances are of getting the maximum number of cultural events credits on the portfolio itself.

The committee reserves the right, even if a large number of experiences is submitted, to grant something less than the full cultural events requirement if it feels that the student would benefit from exposure to some of the on-campus events, or if it feels that the experiences represent a rather narrow focus, and it wishes to encourage the student to broaden their experiences.


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