The Art of the Book: A Retrospective

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This exhibition brings together a selection of works from students of The Art of the Book class since 2005. It began in 1989 as a special topics seminar on medieval manuscripts, expanding its coverage over the years into one of the most popular courses in fine arts. In 2005 The Art of the Book became a team taught course cross-listed as both an art history and studio class. Dr. Dufresne, an art historian specializing in medieval manuscripts, lectures and leads discussion on a given topic one day and Dr. Laura Gardner, an art educator and book artist, demonstrates techniques and directs the studio on related topics the next.

Accordion books, Coptic stitching, ancient scrolls, children’s books, Japanese stab binding, paper making, European binding, Medieval miniatures, Scientific Illustration and the altered book are just a few of the topics and techniques explored in the course. Not all students in the class are artists, and for some it is their first experience with art making, but all bring a love for and curiosity about the book.

The projects in this exhibition reflect the faculty and or the student’s choice of one or more books best representing their work in the course or new work created since their graduation. Our former students exhibiting here include teachers in both public and private venues, art conservators, gallery curators, art appraisers, illustrators, photographers, interior and graphic designers and those currently pursuing graduate degrees in a art history, conservation, art therapy and art education.

Johanna Drucker’s writings on book arts as “a zone of activity” and our own interpretation of books as “holders of meaning” provided the philosophical premise for our course. The exhibitors are listed with the year they took the class.

Curators: Dr. Laura Rinaldi Dufresne & Dr. Laura Gardner


  • Catherine Anderson, M.L.A. 2005
  • Amy Chapman 2007
  • Melanie Cook 2005
  • Amanda Griffin 2011
  • Laura Hernandez 2011
  • Courtney Hunt 2007
  • Jessica Johnson 2009
  • Josephine Koster Ph.D. English 2007
  • Patrick Lutz 2007
  • Sarah Myers 2009
  • Tracy Roman 2011
  • Ian Ostrowski 2009
  • Sierra Nichole Rhoden 2007
  • Laura Faulkenberry Stout 2005
  • Tessa Thomas 2007
  • Rachel Thomason 2007
  • Rebecca Wolfe 2011