Internet-based courses



Examples of possible
interests and questions

More interests and questions

Multiple constituencies have some interest in web-based courses

Finance & Business
Information Technology

Academic Affairs

"CAS plans to hire a..."

Student Life: Records & Registration and Enrollment


University Personnel Committee

1. how to view web-based courses relative to scholarship and teaching
2. consistent application at the university level is difficult if each    college applies a different standard

Faculty Concerns Committee
engage in exchange about matters of interest to the faculty
and to the administration.  
Faculty and administrators across  most university organizational units likely have some interest in
web-based education.

Campus Computing Committee
provides faculty/staff/student input into both short and
long-range plans
for information technology at Winthrop.

Library Committee 
responsible for studying library needs in view of academic program.

Underlying Assumptions

As educators, we are sensitive to the need for  academic autonomy in whatever learning environment is used

if Academic Council decides to facilitate a campus-wide forum to discuss web-based courses, we must make it clear our purpose is not to dictate the curricular content of such courses.

Legitimate pedagogical concerns are being raised about the potential benefits and problems associated with online courses.

It is difficult to separate  pedagogical concerns from  “delivery” concerns.

But historically, the academy has always provided a forum for the open exchange of ideas

What can
Academic Council do?

Take no university-wide action

Explore some form of
university-wide action

Potential outcomes of
university-wide action