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A.C. Moore Elementary School | Columbia, South Carolina

Andrew Jackson Middle School |Kershaw, South Carolina

Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School | Charleston, South Carolina
Ashley River Creative Arts is a magnet school for children living in the West Ashley area of Charleston.  Admission is by lottery only.  Our500+ students are immersed in the arts throughout their day.  They attend classes in visual arts, music, drama, Spanish, computer, and physical education.  They also are offered an opportunity to learn Suzuki violin and ballet during the school day.  In addition, classroom teachers use the arts daily to teach and reinforce skills in all subject areas.  Our school has been recognized by the SC Arts Commission with the Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Award.  We are a Palmetto's Finest School, a National Blue Ribbon School and John F. Kennedy Center School of Distinction.  Ashley River has been an ABC school since 1986.  This grant sponsored by the SC Arts Commission and our PTA provides a residency for every grade level each year and funds our ballet program.

Beaufort Middle School | Beaufort, South Carolina
Nestled among moss-draped oaks in South Carolina’s low country, stands Beaufort Middle School where 21st century adolescents “Make Their Mark” as critical, creative thinkers, communicators, and problem-solvers through integration of the Arts and engagement of the Community.  Designated as an Arts-in-the-Basic-Curriculum school by the SC Arts Commission and a Distinguished Arts Program school by the State Department of Education, Beaufort Middle provides all students creative connections with the arts as an avenue of expression for their learning. Thriving community relationships and this town’s rich history bring learning alive for BMS students. The community shares responsibility for providing real-life learning experiences and for promoting pride in this school and its students. Socratic Seminar, The Habits of Mind, and service learning guide emerging adolescent leaders as good citizens who seek to belong and achieve.  The real world learning that occurs at Beaufort Middle School, led by a committed staff, has resulted in continued gains in student achievement above state and district averages on PASS and MAP. Recognized as a Red Carpet School and USDA Healthier US School, Beaufort Middle School’s welcoming climate, community support and environment focused on learning, exemplify quality education in South Carolina.

Bonner Elementary School | Moncks Corner, South Carolina                                         Bonner Elementary is a Title 1 school located in the Macedonia Community in rural Berkeley County.  Bonner Elementary serves students from eight surrounding small communities.  The majority of their parents and grandparents also attended this community school, thereby providing its family atmosphere. Seven years ago Bonner Elementary started a journey towards becoming an arts integrated school.  With the assistance of the Focus Five group, some arts integrated specialists, and our staff, Bonner Elementary is moving closer to meeting this goal.

Bonner Elementary teachers integrate the arts throughout the core curriculum using the strategies taught and modeled by Focus Five.  Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons are taught and interwoven using tableaus, reading portraits, one minute challenges, and test prep.  With the use of problem solving strategies and higher level thinking skills students are taught to make connections to the curriculum, the arts and real life.

All Bonner students are taught scholarly habits, such as collaborating, being responsible for their own actions, team work, taking pride in their work, and taking intellectual risks through the arts integrated strategies. Students receive instruction in music, dance, drama, physical education and art.  The media specialist is available to teach classes on technology, CCSS, and assist with reports and book selection.

Bonner’s Academy of the Arts consists of two classes each in 1st – 5th grades. This “school within a school” concept has enabled us to meet our goal by allowing us to examine and improve our methods with a smaller population within our school.  These students receive additional instruction in the arts through exploratory classes taught by the arts teachers and their classroom teachers.

Artists-in-residence are also a part of our arts integration initiative. The residencies vary in art form and provide opportunities for students to interact with real authors, artists, musicians, storytellers, dancers, and actors who make the arts come alive. These residencies offer experiences in the arts that many children in rural areas are unable to attend due to location and/or economic circumstances.  In many cases, permanent art installations have been added to the school, which enrich the environment for students, staff, and the community. Students have a greater appreciation for the arts because they are involved in the creation of these art works.

Brockman Elementary School | Columbia, South Carolina                                                       Students in grades 4K-5th attend weekly classes in music and art, in addition to two classes (45 minutes) of PE. These classes are taught by certified teachers and are an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. Our related arts teachers work collaboratively with our regular Montessori teachers to integrate the arts into the classroom learning activities.  In conjunction, Brockman offers strings instruction twice a week for grades 2-5th grade for interested students. Brockman has a chorus for students (4th & 5th) that practices once a week. The Arts Steering Committee has extended the students arts availability through an after school arts program that offers creative writing, drama, clay, art club, hip-hop dance, tap dance, guitar, drumming and creative movement with literacy.

Calhoun Academy of the Arts | Anderson, South Carolina                                                      Calhoun Academy of the Arts is an arts-based school in Anderson School District Five that provides students in grades K-5 from across the district, the unique opportunity to integrate creative and performing arts into the Anderson Distrrict Five approved curriculum

Cannons Elementary School | Spartanburg, South Carolina                                                   Cannons Elementary School is a Title I school with an enrollment of 295 and poverty index of 77.6% where students engage in active learning in and through the arts.  Cannons Elementary has a long history of providing arts experiences through Artists in Residency programs and partnerships with both The Spartanburg Artist’s Guild and The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg.  Visitors enter our school through a community art gallery featuring rotating art works from local artists. The school has a broadcast studio for the student produced morning news show featuring events that take place within our school and around our community.  The school theater with a seating capacity of 700, hosts school drama productions and musicals as well as visiting artists such as the Muse Machine. Our school motto, Children Are Really Everything, exemplifies the motivation and passion our community of learners share as we strive to educate each child through arts integration.  Cannons won the SCASCD Whole Child Award for Student Engagement (2012), Palmetto Silver Award for Student Growth (2010-2012), and the Palmetto Gold Award for Closing the Achievement Gap (2013).  For the past two years, we have earned an “A” rating for the ESEA/Federal Accountability System for Annual Yearly Progress.  Every student is important in our school as we celebrate their uniqueness and provide experiences to express learning through the arts.

Cheraw Intermediate School | Cheraw, South Carolina                                                                  

Chester Park School for the Arts | Chester, South Carolina      

Chesterfield County School District | Chesterfield, South Carolina                           

Children's Attention Home Charter School | Rock Hill, South Carolina                            CAHCS is a Charter of the Rock Hill schools, York #3. We serve abused, abandoned, or neglected South Carolina children in grades K-8 that reside at the Children's Attention Home.  We also have students from a women's shelter and a homeless shelter in Rock Hill. We depend on volunteers to teach music and art. The teachers of K-3, 4-8, P.E., and Special Education work together with our Principal and volunteers to integrate the arts into curriculum.

Conder Elementary Arts Integrated Magnet School | Columbia, South Carolina                    Conder Arts Integrated Magnet School was established in 2004. Students participate in Visual Art, Dance, World Drumming, Strings, Computer and General Music. Students stay engaged in their lessons by integrating the arts in the core curriculum.

East Aiken Elementary School of the Arts | Aiken, South Carolina                                           East Aiken School of the Arts became a school of choice for any child in Aiken County in 2009. We are a Title One school serving approximately 600 students.   We have been an ABC Advancement site since 2006 and the recipient of the Distinguished Arts Program Grant since 2004.  In addition to our full time visual art and music programs, we also offer classes in dance, digital photography, sculpture, creative writing, gardening, service learning, puppetry, Yamaha Keyboard, and chorus during the regular school day.  We offer after-school programs in strings instruction for kindergarten through fifth grade students, guitar for third through fifth grade, and dance for first and second grade students.   Our character education program showcases the artistic talents of our students with a live performance every month.  We offer yearly staff development opportunities in arts integration for all our teachers and use “Acting Right” developed by Sean Layne as our school-wide discipline program.  The ABC project has not only given financial support, but provided staff development in arts integration, and strategic planning to help create strong arts programs at our school.  Our mission is to accommodate differences, reveal a passion for learning, teach appreciation, and stimulate creativity. 

Fairfield County School District | Winnsboro, South Carolina                                                  The School District of Fairfield County became an ABC Site in 2011. The district also received a Distinguished Arts Program Award in September 2011.

Hand Middle School | Columbia, South Carolina                                                                    Hand Middle School is very proud to be a part of the ABC Project.  It is located in the heart of Richland County School District One.  Hand is an inner-city school serving approximately 950 students.   Hand is proud of the fact that while 80% of our students are enrolled in fine arts classes, 100% of our students receive daily arts training through arts integration lessons school wide.  Hand was recently honored as a 2004 Creative Ticket National School of Distinction Award Winner by the Kennedy Center.  Hand was also featured in Third Space: When Learning Matters, a comparative study of schools that excel in arts integration that was published in November, 2005.  Additionally, Hand was featured as one of ten schools chosen to appear in a national documentary on arts integration by Lavine

Heath Springs Elementary School | Heath Springs, South Carolina                                   Heath Springs Elementary School is an arts integration school. Our school district (Lancaster County) has an alliance with the Kennedy Center. We find arts integration to be vital to our students' success.  We infuse drama, creative writing, music, visual arts and dance in our grade-level PTO Arts Integration performances. The arts play a significant role in our students' daily learning.

Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts | Hilton Head, South Carolina                              Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts, located on Hilton Head Island, uses an Arts-Infused approach to teach students in grades 1-5.  The school has a diverse student population of over 600 students and is a Title One school of choice.  Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts is committed to developing and implementing a standards-based curricula through collaborative planning and professional development.  The arts offerings for students are:  dance, music, theater, and visual arts. Community support and pride are very evident  The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina has “adopted” the school this year which will enable the students to enjoy field trips, performances, free tickets for families in need, gallery walks, and guest speakers.  Staff development will be provided throughout the year.  Support is also offered by the Hilton Head Orchestra and the Island School Council for the Arts.  The “Artist in Residence” program is a key piece of the curriculum .We believe that “arts education complements learning in other disciplines and establishes a foundation for success in school and lifelong learning.”

Holly Springs-Motlow Elementary School | Campobello, South Carolina 

Howe Hall AIMS | Goose Creek, South Carolina                                                                     Howe Hall Arts Infused Magnet School, a school of choice in Berkeley County, opened in 2002 as the first magnet school in Berkeley County. The school quickly established its arts philosophy and became a model for arts infusion. Countless educators have visited the school, meeting with arts teachers and administrators in their efforts to begin arts schools or replicate the arts infusion philosophy at Howe Hall.

Howe Hall AIMS serves 420 kindergarten through fifth grade students who are selected, not by audition, but by lottery from all over Berkeley County. Each year there are over 500 applications for only 40 to 50 openings. If selected to attend the school, transportation to and from school must be provided by the parents.

The students participate weekly in classes for dance, drama, music, Spanish, physical education and visual art.  In addition, the fine arts and classroom teachers deliver arts infused lessons in a team teaching approach. These lessons are based on the S.C. state standards but are taught through the eyes of an artist. Students apply arts skills as they work to master the academic standards. Additionally, students in grades 3-5 are treated to a myriad of exploratory classes from which they select one which they attend once a week. These classes include: orchestral strings, steel drums, chorus, puppetry, tap dance, yoga, impromptu theatre, broadcast journalism, clay, photography and more.

Howe Hall AIMS earned Palmetto Gold Awards for Overall Performance and for Closing the Achievement Gap for the past 5 years. In 2010 it was named National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education. In 2007 Howe Hall AIMS students performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. after receiving the State and National Kennedy Center Creative Ticket School of Excellence Award.

To this day, Howe Hall Arts Infused Magnet School consistently offers children unparalleled instruction that addresses multiple intelligences by creating lessons that merge arts and academic standards. The true essence of its success as defined by student learning is due to the innovation and creativity of its arts infused lessons and the focus on academic achievement for every student.                                

Inman Intermediate School | Inman, South Carolina

Kelly Miller Elementary School | Winnsboro, South Carolina 

Kershaw County School District | Camden, South Carolina 

Lady's Island Elementary School | Beaufort, South Carolina 

Lady's Island Middle School | Beaufort, South Carolina                                                

Lake City Early Childhood Center | Lake City, South Carolina

Logan Elementary School | Columbia, South Carolina                                                            Logan Elementary, a Richland County District #1 pre-K through 5th grade school, is located in downtown Columbia. Our 185 students attend weekly or bi-weekly classes in visual arts, music, drama, dance, physical education, creative writing and Spanish.   4th and 5th graders are offered the opportunity to learn a string instrument and 3rd through 5th  graders  are offered a piano keyboard class.   We have eight  performing ensembles: Logan Leopard Steel Band. Dancing Paws, Dancing Cubs and the choruses,   Logan Leopard Singers, Logan Leopard Cubs, Honor Choir and Young Artist Choir.  These groups rehearse at the end of the school day and perform regularly throughout the year. In addition, classroom teachers use the arts daily to teach and reinforce skills in all subject areas. Logan has been an ABC school since 1997 and the recipient of an Arts Curricula/Distinguished Arts Program grant since 1996  which provides funding for an Artist in Residence in dance/drama  as well as a director for the  steel drum band.  Our goal is to improve student achievement through an arts integrated curriculum. The arts program at Logan is wonderfully supported by the ABC project, the SC Arts Commission, Richland County School District #1, the PTA and staff. Our arts facilities include a music room equipped with a Yamaha piano keyboards, Orff instruments as well as computers equipped with the latest music technology.  We have a dance studio and a Steel Band room. Logan’s visual art room is equipped with a kiln and ample computer technology and supplies. Logan is the host of the annual Logan Elementary Choral Festival and an Arts Integration Conference for ABC schools in Richland School District One.

Lower Richland High School  | Hopkins, South Carolina


Macedonia Middle School | Moncks Corner, South Carolina


Marlboro School of Discovery | Clio, South Carolina


McDonald Green Elementary School | Lancaster, South Carolina


New Prospect Elementary School  | Inman, South Carolina


Northside Elementary School of the Arts | Rock Hill, South Carolina

Our  ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum) Grant is funding many activities for our school, including Artists in Residence and Extracurricular Activities for the students.  Our school, in its fourth year as an ABC school, is also identified as a Distinguished Arts Program Award winner.  Check often to see how we are implementing this grant.

Palmetto Center for the Arts | Richland Northeast High School | Columbia, South Carolina

Pine Street Elementary School | Spartanburg, South Carolina
The Artsploration program at Pine Street Elementary School has been in existence since 1989. Conceived and developed by Mary Koutroulias, music specialist, and Anne Predmore, visual arts specialist, this program is one with a fine reputation. Dance, music, and visual arts are taught weekly to all grade levels by certified arts specialists. Students in first grade receive a long-term drama residency and every grade level works with professional artists during the yearly artists-in-residence week. Each March the students enjoy  an Arts Celebration , which is a week-long extravaganza filled with performances and arts events featuring local talent The week  also includes a student performance, called Evening with the Arts, for parents and community and an exhibit of student artwork.

Pleasant Hill Middle School | Lexington, South Carolina

Ridge View High School | Columbia, South Carolina

Round Top Elementary School | Blythewood, South Carolina                                          Round Top Elementary (RTE) gained ABC status in the 2004-2005 school year. We are proud to be an ABC Model Site. We have full time Dance, Music and Visual Arts specialists to educate our students about all of the arts. Our Arts Programs offer after school dance and visual arts clubs. Round Top’s choral and other musical ensemble groups meet before school. We offer our students many opportunities to learn new art forms through artist-in-residencies and performances funded by The ABC Project, RTE and RTE PTO funding. Our administration promotes the arts in many ways: both philosophically and financially. The halls of RTE are adorned with two full walls of Awesome Aviator Artists/framed student art work. The visual arts teacher, LaDonna Dixon, often displays student work in the school and the community, including art shows the last two years at Wardlaw Education Building on USC, Columbia, SC campus. Our music teacher, Tamara Willing, conducts a multitude of performances, both for our school, teachers and parents and also in the community. Katie Krantz is our dance teacher and has already directed two performances for our school family and the community. We benefit from visits by USC Drama Department’s professor, Peter Duffy, who has worked with our students in “acting out” historical events and themes. He has worked with us several years now, during the school day. We look forward to new adventures in the arts that teach and expand the minds of our student body. We would like to express our gratitude to The ABC Project, The South Carolina Arts Commission and The Arts Alliance of South Carolina for keeping the arts at the forefront of successful educational programs. We strive to challenge ourselves, as arts teachers and classroom teachers to come together and integrate our respective academic curriculum core studies.

Saluda River Academy for the Arts | West Columbia, South Carolina                               Saluda River Academy for the Arts is a small Title I public elementary school in Lexington 2, West Columbia, S.C., serving locally zoned students. Saluda River is a partial magnet for district students exhibiting a strong arts interest. The school serves about 400 students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The arts mission of Saluda River Academy for the Arts is to advance every student through quality arts education that develops caring, productive, lifelong learners. Saluda River is able to meet its mission through a comprehensive arts focused program that is imbedded into the curriculum.   The school offers standards-based fine arts classes in visual art, theatre, dance, and music.  Saluda River is an arts integrated school. There are school-wide arts integration classes scheduled on a regular basis for grades 2-5.  The classes are team taught by arts and classroom teachers.  The classes utilize the arts to teach traditional subjects’ standards while providing additional practice in the arts standards. An annual Artist-in-Residence program provides four guest artists (art, dance, theatre, & music) enabling each student in grades 1–5 to spend a week with one of the guest artists.  There are several after school arts classes offered for nominal fees that rotate by semester. Each arts teacher sponsors after school service groups that include a fine arts performance troupe, chorus, a vocal ensemble, two dance companies, an art club, and a theatre group. Saluda River hosts the auditioned gifted and talented program for Lexington 2 students interested in theatre. Saluda River has been an ABC site since 1999 and has won outstanding awards including the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts National Schools of Distinction in Arts Education Award (2009) and the Nationally Distinguished Title I School Award (2004).

Saluda Trail Middle School | Rock Hill, South Carolina

Sanders-Clyde Creative Arts School | Charleston, South Carolina

Satchel Ford Elementary School | Columbia, South Carolina                                         Satchel Ford is proud of our academic achievement, our fine arts programs and our parent involvement. We earned an Excellent Absolute rating and an Excellent Absolute rating for PASS. Since 2004, Satchel Ford has been recognized as an ABC School and a 6-year recipient of the State Department DAP grant. Our Brave Arts Steering Committee, an organization of parents, teachers, administrators and community members oversees the implementation of the grants and continues to be a strong advocate for arts education in our school Satchel Ford is fortunate to have full time teachers in dance, drama, music and visual art.

SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities | Greenville, South Carolina

SC School for the Deaf and the Blind | Spartanburg, South Carolina                                                  The mission of the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB) Fine Arts program is to ensure that the individuals we serve realize maximum success through high quality arts and arts integrated education programs, arts outreach service, and arts partnerships.  SCSDB is a specialized instructional and resource center for students all across South Carolina.  It provides services statewide for individuals who are deaf, blind or sensory multi-disabled (children and adults), their families and the professionals who work with them.  SCSDB offers programs for preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, sensory multi-disabled, vocational and postsecondary educational students, as well as a variety of outreach and support services. SCSDB is an ABC Advanced site, a Palmetto Gold School, and a Red Carpet School. The 2004-2005 year opened with SCSDB's first Fine Arts Program and SCSDB has been an ABC site for 12 years.   Students campus-wide are now receiving classes in visual art, music, theatre and dance. Being a residential school, students are offered Enrichment Classes daily in all arts areas after school before returning to their dorms. Students are given the opportunity to perform all across SC and their artwork is also installed in various locations in SC.

South Florence High School | Florence, South Carolina                                                                     The mission of the South Florence High School Fine Arts program is to offer a comprehensive, quality arts education program that develops creative expression, active participation and lifelong learning through the arts.  In order to fulfill our mission the arts faculty has worked aggressively for the past three years to implement S.C. Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum Standards.  With the help of arts consultants, our Community Arts Partnership (CAPA) and additional faculty teamwork, we have developed a five-year comprehensive Fine Arts Strategic Plan. Our CAPA stakeholders include business and community leaders, administrators, teachers, parents, students and a school board member.  The strategic plan addresses the development and expansion of the art education programs in creative writing, music, visual arts, dance, and drama. The plan reflects the content of the V.P.A.C.S. and The Arts in Basic Curriculum Project.  The curriculum, instruction, assessment, scheduling, teacher preparation, instructional materials, facilities, and resources are addressed.   With this plan South Florence High School family has a clear understanding of the steps that must be taken for the advancement of arts education and the accomplishment of our mission.

Southside Middle School | Florence, South Carolina

Southwood Academy of the Arts | Anderson, South Carolina

Stone Academy of Communication Arts | Greenville, South Carolina
Located in the heart of Greenville's Earle Street Historic District, Stone Academy for the Communication Arts has been a leader in the city's downtown cultural renaissance. Stone is a magnet, or "select" school where students experience an arts-integrated curriculum in a completely updated, historic school building within walking distance of the Greenville Children's Museum, Little Theatre, Museum of Art, Peace Center for the Performing Arts, and Upstate History Museum. Related Arts offerings include Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts for all students, and a dynamic after school institute (ENCORE) dedicated to arts enrichment. Stone Academy has been an ABC site since the program's inception, and remains a leader, innovator, and mentor for other elementary arts magnet schools and teachers across the state and nation.

Thornwell School for the Arts | Hartsville, South Carolina                                            Thornwell School for the Arts’ mission is Excellence in education and learning through the arts for a successful future.  TSA has been an ABC school since 2002.  Our school is a Title I, Choice rural neighborhood school that serves approximately 400 students.  We also house Darlington County’s only elementary arts magnet program.  Any student in Darlington County can audition to participate in our magnet program. Our students are offered one 50-minute block of Visual Arts, Music, Computer Lab, and physical education each week.  Magnet students are offered two 50-minute blocks of Strings and one block of Drama each week.  Each arts teacher has an integration block worked into schedules to allow for team teaching of integrated lessons in the regular classroom.  Students have the opportunity to participate in after school programs such as Art Club and the Paw-parazzi Photography Club.  Fifth graders have the opportunity to audition for our District’s Art Summer Program (8 weeks of area specific arts instruction). 

Wando High School | Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina                                                                          Wando High School is one of the largest high schools in the state. Wando has been an ABC Site since 2002. Our award-winning fine arts department include a variety of courses in drama, instrumental music, vocal music, viusal arts, dance, technical theatre and creative writing.

Westwood High School  | Blythewood, South Carolina

White Knoll Middle School  | West Columbia, South Carolina

Williamsburg County Magnet School of the Arts | Kingstree, South Carolina

Williamsburg County School District | Kingstree, South Carolina

Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary | North Charleston, South Carolina

At Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School, we are committed to providing an arts-rich education to all students.  WHAIES is a Title I school located in North Charleston and serves approximately 850 students in grades 4K-5th.  Children attend classes in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional visual arts, instrumental and vocal music, theater arts, dance, and team and individual sports.  We also offer enrichment programs such as show choir, boys choir, African drumming, drama, media arts and health and wellness, visual arts, and dance.  Our school has received the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts National School of Distinction in Arts Education Award as well as the Red Carpet School award and is a PBIS Exemplar School.  Our mission to provide meaningful opportunities through arts-infused, technology-based, and differentiated learning experiences that create lifelong learners is a commitment all stakeholders strive to make a reality. 

Woodland Heights Elementary School | Spartanburg, South Carolina                                                Arts are SUPER at Woodland Heights!                                                        Woodland Heights Elementary School is enjoying the benefits of arts integration each and every day.    As an ABC site since 2005, WHES uses creative arts strategies throughout the school by having students experience formal arts performances, artist in residency programs, arts integration activities in the visual art and music classrooms, and integrated activities in every classroom that includes music, visual art, drama, and movement.  Due in part to the arts emphasis, WHES has enjoyed receiving two major awards: the PalFin and the District Title I Awards since becoming an ABC site.  In addition to the highly motivated staff and students, results are evident as WHES has made AYP each year and the performance on the State Report card has met or exceeded district and state performance consistently.  WHES also enjoys a strong community partnership through the Business Partnership program, has continued and generous parent support, and possesses a strong ABC Steering Committee.   The 2011/12 theme for Woodland Heights is Super Heroes, a fitting theme for a school with outstanding teachers, staff, and principal extraordinaire.   Dr. Cindy Pridgen has been instrumental in the success of WHES as an ABC site and has received State Principal of the Year awards for 2009 and 2010.  This year she was named the National Principal of the Year Award, a testament to her leadership and collaborative efforts.


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