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University-Wide Academic Assessment Committee (UWAAC)

Committee Charge

Having met the charge of developing University Level Competencies (ULCs) that are “clear, assessable, and attainable by Winthrop graduates across degree programs,” UWAAC received a new charge in 2010.

The role of the University Wide Academic Assessment Committee is to ensure that the University develops and conducts appropriate, adequate, and usable assessments of the University Level Competencies at program, college, and university levels and to ensure that the assessment strategies and results are communicated appropriately in both directions (from the University level to the college level to the program level and vice versa).  The UWAAC will not conduct assessment; instead, when the ULCs are fully operational across all programs and assessed appropriately, the UWAAC should be able to review assessment results and answer the following questions:
  1. How well are we accomplishing the ULCs across all programs of the University?
  2. How well are we communicating ULC assessment results among all stake holders?
  3. How and how well are we assessing ULCs across all programs of the University?

Committee Membership


Dr. Jack DeRochi
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Dr. Matthew Hayes
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Committee Members

Cassandra Bell
Instructor, Department of Biology
Dr. Siobhan Brownson
Associate Professor, Department of English
Dr. Beth Costner
Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Chair, Department of Mathematics
Dr. Steve Dannelly
Chair, Department of Computer Science & Quantitative Methods
Dr. Steve Frankforter
Assistant Dean, College of Business Administration
Dr. Lisa Johnson
Senior Associate to the Dean, College of Education
Dr. Gloria Jones
Dean, University College
Karen Jones
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Jean Silagyi-Rebovich
Director, Office of Assessment
Amy Sullivan
Director, Center for Career and Civic Engagement
Dr. Andrew Vorder Bruegge
Chair, Department of Theatre & Dance
Dr. Michael Williams
Professor, Department of Music